XXXIX Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 19.06–25.06.2022
XI School on Geometry and Physics 27.06–1.07.2022


PLENARY SPEAKERS (in person or on-line)

  1. Esteban Andruchow* (Buenos Aires) - Grassmann geometry in spaces of functions
  2. Almut Beige (Leeds) - A fresh perspective on local photons and the Casimir effect
  3. Iwo Białynicki-Birula* (Warszawa) - Phenomenon of Backflow
  4. Kenny De Commer (Brussels) - Quantizing real semisimple Lie groups
  5. Paweł Kasprzak (Warszawa) - Quantum correlations on quantum spaces: RFD, LP, HR and SEP
  6. Hitoshi Konno* (Tokyo) - Elliptic Quantum Toroidal Algebra $U_{q,t,p}(gl_{1,tor})$ and affine quiver gauge theories
  7. Karl-Hermann Neeb* (Erlangen) - Geometric aspects of the modular theory of operator algebras
  8. Gestur Olafsson* (Baton Rouge) - Reflection positivity on the sphere and related topics
  9. Tudor Ratiu* (Shanghai) - Cheeger-Simons differential character-valued momentum maps and applications
  10. Sergei Tabachnikov* (Pennsylvania) - Integrable transformations on centroaffine polygons
  11. Alexander Veselov* (Loughborough) - On integrability, geometrization and knots
  12. Xiaomeng Xu* (Beijing) - Stokes phenomenon in integrable systems
* - on-line talk


  1. Maram Alossaimi* (Sheffield) - The Poisson spectrum of the first part of the second case of the classification
  2. Krzysztof Bardadyn (Białystok) - Simplicity of $L_p$-operator algebra crossed products
  3. Daniel Beltita (Bucharest) - On the solvable Lie groups whose regular representation is a factor representation
  4. David Bermudez (Mexico City) - Factorization method and new potentials from the inverted oscillator
  5. Petr Blaschke (Opava) - Pedal coordinates, solar sail orbits and other force problems
  6. Nora Breton (Mexico City) - Hidden Symmetries of the type D solutions of the Einstein Equations
  7. Luca Campobasso (Łódź) - Klein paradox in the Wigner phase space formalism
  8. Goce Chadzitaskos (Prague) - Asymmetric harmonic oscilator
  9. Alonso Contreras-Astorga (Mexico City) - Two aspects of Klein tunneling in graphene: supersymmetry and Dirac structure beyond the linear approximation
  10. Sara Cruz y Cruz* (Mexico City) - Darboux transformations for the design of gradient-index optical waveguides
  11. Marek Czachor (Gdańsk) - Is there any impossibility theorem about nonlinear quantum mechanics? (YOUTUBE link)
  12. Tomasz Czyżycki (Białystok) - Generalized Transforms of Affine Weyl Groups
  13. Alina Dobrogowska (Białystok) - Generalization of the concept of classical r-matrix to Lie algebroids
  14. Ziemowit Domański (Poznań) - Deformation quantization on the cotangent bundle of a Lie group
  15. Andrzej Dragan (Warszawa)
  16. Vladimir Dragovic* (Richardson) - Chebyshev dynamics, isoharmonic deformations, and constrained Schlesinger systems
  17. Maciej Dunajski (Cambridge) - Quantum state reduction, and Newtonian twistor theory
  18. David Fernandez (Mexico City) - Factorization method: Bogdan Mielnik’s contributions
  19. Galina Filipuk* (Warszawa) - Hamiltonians of the Painleve and quasi-Painleve equations
  20. Jesús Fuentes* (Luxembourg)
  21. Hugo Garcia-Compean* (Mexico City)
  22. Gerald Goldin (New Brunswick, New Jersey) - Predicting “Anyons”: Implications of History for Science
  23. Tomasz Goliński (Białystok)
  24. Md Fazlul Hoque (Prague) - Quadratic algebras and spectrum of superintegrable systems
  25. Gerardo Herrera Corral* (Mexico) - Personal conversations with Bogdan and the manipulation of Schrodinger's particle by time dependent potentials
  26. Maciej Horowski (Białystok)
  27. Jiří Hrivnák (Prague) - Electron in triangular graphene dots
  28. Safiqul Islam* (Al Hofuf) - A further analysis of a $(2 + 1)$-dimensional combined cosmological model in $f(R, T)$ gravity
  29. Grzegorz Jakimowicz (Białystok)
  30. Igor Kanattsikov* (Exeter) - Precanonical Quantum Teleparallel Gravity
  31. Piotr Kielanowski (Mexico City)
  32. Jerzy Kijowski (Warszawa) - Arrival time in quantum mechanics: my long-standing disputes with Bogdan Mielnik
  33. John Klauder* (Gainesville, Florida) - Unifying Classical and Quantum Physics + Quantum Fields and Gravity
  34. Andrzej Krasiński (Warszawa) - Memories about Bogdan Mielnik
  35. Bartosz Kwaśniewski (Białystok)
  36. Gabriel Larotonda* (Buenos Aires) - Differentiable and Kähler geometry of the coadjoint orbit of a nuclear operator
  37. Andrew McKee (Białystok)
  38. Clarice Netto* (Rio de Janeiro)
  39. Milan Niestijl (Delft) - Positive Energy Representations of Gauge Groups With Support at a Fixed Point
  40. Petr Novotný (Prague) - Quantum particle on $G_2$ dual weight lattice
  41. Aleksandr Orlov (Moscow)
  42. Urszula Ostaszewska (Białystok)
  43. Fernand Pelletier* (Le Bourget du Lac) - On partial Banach-Lie algebroid structure: some motivations
  44. Anatolij Prykarpatski (Kraków) - On the Dark Equations, the related integrability theory and applications
  45. Maciej Przanowski (Łódź) - Canonical photon position operator with commuting components
  46. Stefan Rauch-Wojciechowski (Linköping) - When knowledge of one integral of motion is sufficient for integrability?
  47. Oscar Rosas-Ortiz* (Mexico City) - Factorization: Little or great algorithm?
  48. Artur Sergyeyev* (Opava) - Integrable systems in higher dimensions: a new perspective
  49. Aneta Sliżewska (Białystok)
  50. Marzena Szajewska (Białystok)
  51. Jaromir Tosiek (Łódź) - 1-D Dirac equation in phase space quantum mechanics
  52. Alice Barbora Tumpach (Vienna) - Banach Poisson Lie groups
  53. Elizaveta Vishnyakova* (Belo Horizonte) - Donagi-Witten construction and a graded covering of a supermanifold
  54. Elwira Wawreniuk (Białystok) - Symplectic realizations of $\textbf{e}(3)^*$
  55. Michael Wright* (Bristol)
  56. Akira Yoshioka* (Tokyo)
  57. Karol Życzkowski (Cracow/Warsaw) - Extremal quantum states & combinatorial designs
  58. Tomasz Żynda (Warsaw) - Reproducing kernels and minimal solutions of elliptic equations
* - on-line participation

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