XLI Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 1-6.07.2024 XIII School on Geometry and Physics Białystok, 8-12.06.2024



  1. Anastasia Doikou (Edinburgh) - Quantum groups, discrete Magnus expansion, pre-Lie & tridendriform algebras
  2. Adam Doliwa (Olsztyn) - Rational approximation, multiple orthogonal polynomials, and integrability
  3. Sorin Dragomir (Potenza) - Kostant-Souriau-Odzijewicz quantization of a mechanical system whose classical phase space is a complex manifold
  4. Vladimir Dragović (Richardson) - Bridging Statistics with Geometry and Mechanics
  5. László Fehér (Budapest/Szeged) - Poisson reductions of master integrable systems on doubles of compact Lie groups
  6. Janusz Grabowski (Warsaw) - Contact geometry as a chapter in symplectic geometry
  7. John Harnad* (Montreal) - Hamiltonian structure of rational isomonodromic deformation systems
  8. Jerzy Kijowski (Warsaw) - Quantization (more than 50 years later)
  9. Gandalf Lechner (Erlangen) - Integrable quantum field theories between modular theory and the Yang-Baxter equation
  10. Douglas Lundholm (Uppsala) - Twisted perspectives on quantum mechanics
  11. Jean-Pierre Magnot (Angers) - On the interplay between gauge theory and decision theory
  12. John Sipe (Toronto) - Microscopic polarization and magnetization fields: Towards a "post-modern" theory
  13. Jacek Szmigielski* (Saskatoon) - The Camassa-Holm equation–trente ans après: on the interplay between Approximation Theory, Inverse Problems, and non-smooth Solitons
  14. Leandro Vendramin (Brussels) - Groups, rings and the Yang-Baxter equation


  1. Alfonso Salomón Acevedo Juárez (Mexico City) - How birefringence arise from nonlinear electrodynamics
  2. Krzysztof Bardadyn (Białystok) - Groupoid Banach algebras
  3. Tatyana Barron* (London)
  4. Daniel Beltita (Bucharest) - Groupoid techniques in Hilbert space operator theory
  5. Petr Blaschke (Opava) - Spherical pedal coordinates
  6. Tomasz Brzeziński (Swansea & Białystok)
  7. Goce Chadzitaskos (Prague) - Coherent states of the asymmetric harmonic oscillator
  8. Johan Michel Chavez Tovar (Mexico City) - Higher order curvature terms corrections in the Raychaudhuri equation
  9. Tomasz Czyżycki (Białystok)
  10. Alina Dobrogowska (Białystok) - Second order q-difference equations solvable by factorization method
  11. Ziemowit Domański (Poznań) - Quantization in arbitrary coordinate system and transformations of coordinates in quantum mechanics
  12. Irada Dzhalladova (Białystok)
  13. Michael Francis* (London) - On automorphisms of complex $b^k$-manifolds
  14. Jesús Fuentes (Belval) - Unraveling Soft Squeezing Transformations
  15. Gerald Goldin (New Brunswick, NJ) - Predicting Nonabelian Anyons
  16. Piotr P. Goldstein (Warsaw) - A quadric of kinetic energy in the role of phase diagrams - application to the BKL scenario
  17. Tomasz Goliński (Białystok) - Banach Lie groupoids, algebroids, von Neumann algebras and restricted Grassmannian
  18. Dimitry Gurevich* (Valenciennes) - Reflection Equation Algebra and related combinatorics
  19. Katarzyna Grabowska (Warsaw)
  20. Daniel Hodgson (Leeds) - Resolving the Abraham-Minkowski controversy with symmetry arguments
  21. Pavel Holba (Opava) - Complete Classification of Local Conservation Laws for Generalized Cahn-Hilliard-Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation
  22. Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou (Cotonou) - Discrete mechanics in non-uniform time $\alpha$-lattices
  23. Jiří Hrivnák (Prague) - Discrete $E$-transforms of $A_1 \times A_1$
  24. Małgorzata Hryniewicka (Białystok)
  25. Yasushi Ikeda (Sapporo) - Commutativity of Second-Order Quasiderivations in General Linear Lie Algebras
  26. Grzegorz Jakimowicz* (Białystok)
  27. Igor Kanatchikov* (Gdańsk) - The cosmological constant and the minimal acceleration of MOND from precanonical quantum gravity
  28. Giorgi Khimshiashvili (Tbilisi) - Maxwell's conjecture for three aligned point charges
  29. Piotr Kielanowski (Mexico City)
  30. Bartosz Kwaśniewski (Białystok) - Noncommutative Cartan C*-subalgebras
  31. Dušan Navrátil (Brno) - Lie Symmetry Analysis of the Charney-Hasegawa-Mima equation
  32. Fatemeh Nikzad Pasikhani* (Zanjan) - Stability Theorem for $\mathbb{Z}_{2}^{n}$-Lie supergroups
  33. Petr Novotný (Prague) - Quantum Particle on $G_2$ Dual Weight Lattice in Even Weyl Alcove
  34. Fernand Pelletier* (Chambéry) - On partial Dirac structure on a Banach manifolds and constraint dynamical systems
  35. Filip Petrák (Brno) - Higher-order and Weil Grassmannian as orbit spaces
  36. Anatolij Prykarpatski (Kraków/Lviv) - Affine Courant algebroid, its coadjoint orbits and related integrable systems
  37. Karol Pryszczepko* (Białystok)
  38. Maciej Przanowski (Łódź) - Quantum mechanics of a single linear graviton
  39. Tudor Ratiu (Shanghai) - Clebsch optimal control and its link to variational principles in mechanics
  40. Stefan Rauch (Linkoping) - Driven cofactor systems of Newton equations and separability of time dependent potentials
  41. Bernard Rybołowicz (Edinburgh) - From skew braces to the set-theoretic Yang-Baxter equation from affine viewpoint
  42. Artur Sergyeyev* (Opava) - Multidimensional integrable systems and Jacobi structures
  43. Aneta Sliżewska (Białystok)
  44. Agnieszka Stocka (Białystok)
  45. Marzena Szajewska (Białystok)
  46. Alice Barbara Tumpach (Vienna) - The Universal Teichmueller space and the restricted Grassmannian
  47. Elwira Wawreniuk (Białystok)
  48. Iryna Yehorchenko (Kyiv) - Using contact transformations for construction of exact solutions of the Schrodinger equation with power, logarithm and derivative nonlinearities
  49. Akira Yoshioka* (Tokyo) - Star Product and Several Star Functions
* - virtual participation
Event sponsored by
University of Białystok
University of Białystok