XXXIX Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 27.06-3.07.2021
IX School on Geometry and Physics 21-25.06.2021

Laszlo Feher

Constructions of spin Ruijsenaars models

We shall report our recent results on spin generalizations of the Ruijsenaars--Schneider model. After a brief review of the current state of the subject, we shall focus on the trigonometric real form of the spin Ruijsenaars models introduced by Krichever and Zabrodin in 1995, which we shall treat by an application of Hamiltonian reduction. The talk will be based mainly on ongoing joint work with M. Fairon and I. Marshall. Reference: M. Fairon, L. Feher and I. Marshall, Trigonometric real form of the spin Ruijsenaars model of Krichever and Zabrodin, preprint in preparation

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