XXXIX Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 19.06–25.06.2022
XI School on Geometry and Physics 27.06–1.07.2022


Scientific programme of the conference

  • Esteban Andruchow (Buenos Aires) - Grassmann geometry in spaces of functions
  • Almut Beige (Leeds) - Local relativistic quantum field theories for light
  • Iwo Białynicki-Birula (Warszawa) - Heisenberg uncertainty relations in relativistic theories
  • Kenny De Commer (Brussels) - Quantizing real semisimple Lie groups
  • Paweł Kasprzak (Warszawa) - Noncommutative Furstenberg boundary
  • Yuri Kondratiev (Bielefeld) - Representations of certain infinite dimensional groups
  • Hitoshi Konno (Tokyo) - Elliptic Quantum Toroidal Algebra $U_{q,t,p}(gl_{1,tor})$ and affine quiver gauge theories
  • Karl-Hermann Neeb (Erlangen) - Wedge domains and standard subspaces in antiunitary representations
  • Gestur Olafsson (Baton Rouge) - Reflection positivity on the sphere and related topics
  • Tudor Ratiu (Shanghai) - Cheeger-Simons differential character-valued momentum maps and applications
  • Sergei Tabachnikov (Pennsylvania) - Integrable transformations on centroaffine polygons
  • Alexander Veselov (Loughborough) - On integrability, geometrization and knots
  • Xiaomeng Xu (Beijing) - Stokes phenomenon in geometry and physics
Please refer to the list of participants for more details.


On April 18, the chairman of the Białowieża Workshop Organizing Committee, Professor Anatol Odzijewicz passed away. During the upcoming Workshop we will commemorate the legacy of Professor Odzijewicz in creating of the Białowieża Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics and his scientific achievements.

Special Session

This year a Special Session will be dedicated in memory of Bogdan Mielnik, a teacher of many participants of our Workshops, who passed away in January 2019. He was a very wise man with an extremely individual way of thinking. He participated in all our recent Workshops, made important contributions to the program and gave many original talks. The session will take place on Monday, June 20. The organizing committee of the Special Session consists of A. Odzijewicz (Białystok), D. Fernández (Mexico City) and P. Kielanowski (Mexico City).

Virtual participation

The health restrictions due to Covid-19 have been lifted in Poland, so we strongly encourage the personal participation in the Workshop, but let us mention that the virtual participation is also possible.

Place and Time

Białowieża, which is the traditional site of our Workshop, is located at the very border between Poland and Belarus. Recently this region experienced some tensions due to the migrant crisis and the war in Ukraine and this might jeopardize the harmonious organization of our Workshop in the usual place. In order to secure the right conditions for our Workshop we have decided to exceptionally move (only for this year's meeting) the site of our Workshop to the campus of our University in Białystok. The arrival date is Saturday, June 18. The scientific activity will run from Sunday, June 19 till Saturday, June 25.

The city of Białystok is located some 80 kilometers from Białowieża at the edge of Knyszyn Forest. It is the capital of the Podlachia region and has a rich history which merges Polish, Jewish, Belarussian and even Tatar cultures. The touristic landmark of the city is a baroque palace complex built by hetman Branicki.

Branicki Palace

Please consult these links for more information about Białystok and surrounding area:
Wikipedia page about Białystok
Wikipedia page about Knyszyn Forest
Photos from previous conferences and Białowieża

Białowieża volume

Over the past several years, we published a Białowieża volume containing selected contributions of participants of the Workshop in the series Trends in Mathematics by Birkhäuser, see here for more information. Pending funding, the volume will also be published this year. Details will be announced during the conference.

Transportation to Białystok

Due to the change of localization, this year there will be no conference bus from Warsaw.

There is a good train connection from Warsaw to Białystok. It is possible to go by train from the Chopin Airport to the Warsaw Central train station and from there catch a train to Białystok. The trip takes around 2.5 hours. There is also a fair number of bus connections available, please consult e.g. an on-line bus connection finder or train information. Additional information can be found on our travel page.

Registration fee

Due to the change of localization, there are some changes in this section.

The conference fee is €150. The cost of the on-line participation is €60.

The cost of lunches served during the conference is €100. It includes also the conference dinner. The participants are kindly asked to notify us in advance about any dietary restrictions.

Organizers can also book a hotel for you. The cost is €400 (single room with breakfast). There is a cost of €250 for each accompanying person. However you are free to book a hotel on your own. There is a lot of hotels to chose from in various price range. The one we are booking is Willa Pastel located near city centre. Other locations in the centre to consider are: Hotel Cristal, Hotel Branicki. If you prefer a hotel located closer to the University campus, you can try Hotel Pod Herbem or Centrum Titanic. You can check out the travel page for a city map with approximate locations of these and other hotels.

Fees should be paid in cash or by wire transfer and we can accept the equivalent in USD or PLN. Unfortunately we cannot accept credit cards, personal checks, bank drafts or travelers checks. If you want us to book a hotel for you, we need to obtain the wire transfer before May 20. Please send us an electronic confirmation of transfer as soon as possible.

The fee can also be paid by wire transfer to the following bank account:

Account number: PL 61 1160 2202 0000 0002 4179 4419
Bank Name: Bank Millennium S.A.
Bank Address: ul. Stanisława Żaryna 2A, 02-593 Warszawa, Poland
Purpose of the wire transfer: XXXIX WGMP, full name

In some cases we offer participants a reduction of the conference fee (e.g. for graduate students).

Technical equipment

There will be a computer projector available for your talks. You can use your own laptop or the one supplied by the organizers. We are able to process pdf, ps, and powerpoint-compatible presentations.

There will be a wireless internet "Eduroam" network available to participants in the lecture room.

Social events

During the Workshop we plan to organize several special events including the excursion, conference dinner and barbeque.

School for Young Researchers (June 27 – July 1)

This year the School takes place over the week after the Workshop, also in Białystok. The School is addressed to the young researchers and graduate students. The School on Physics and Geometry will start on June 27 and end July 1 (arrival is planned for June 26, departure on July 2). The total cost of the School is 300 EUR (includes accommodation, breakfast and lunch).

During the School the following 3-hour courses will be presented by the following leading experts in domains of mathematics related to mathematical physics. At the moment we have confirmed the following lecturers:
  • Daniel Beltita (Bucharest) - Quantization and enveloping algebras of Lie groups
  • Sorin Dragomir (Potenza) - Bergman kernels, Fefferman’s metric, and quantization of complex manifolds
  • David Fernández (Mexico City) - Supersymmetric quantum mechanics and Painleve equations
  • Mikołaj Rotkiewicz (Warszawa) - On some concepts in the theory of Lie algebroids
The list of the lecturers is not final yet and additional speakers are to be included. As always please refer to the School section of the webpage for the most recent information.

Address of the organizing committee

Institute of Mathematics
University of Białystok
ul. Ciołkowskiego 1M
15-245 Białystok, Poland

Event sponsored by:
of Bialystok
University of Bialystok

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