XXXIII Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 29.06-5.07.2014


The Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics is the annual conference in the field of mathematical physics and mathematics organized by the Department of Mathematical Physics of the University of Białystok, Poland.

The topics covered at the Białowieża meetings span wide areas of mathematical physics and mathematics inspired by physical and mathematical problems. The conference offers a good opportunity for exchange of ideas between physicists and mathematicians.

The programme consists of invited plenary lectures (55 minutes), as well as other invited and contributed talks (40 or 25 minutes) and posters. We encourage participation of younger scientists.


  • integrable systems
  • mathematical aspects of field theory
  • operator algebras
  • noncommutative geometry
  • infinite-dimensional groups
  • quantization
  • Lie groupoids and Lie algebroids
  • Poisson geometry


  • Rui Fernandes (Illinois)
  • Alexander Gayfullin (Moscow)
  • Vassily Gorbounov (Aberdeen)
  • Andrey Lazarev (Lancaster)
  • Martin Markl (Prague)
  • Alexander Mikhailov (Leeds)
  • Nikolay Moshchevitin (Moscow)
  • Ali Mostafazadeh (Istanbul)
  • Karl-Hermann Neeb (Erlangen)
  • Stefan Nemirovski (Moscow)
  • Sylvie Paycha (Potsdam)
  • Fernand Pelletier (Savoie)
  • Anton Savin (Moscow)
  • Andrzej Sitarz (Krak√≥w)
  • Walter van Suijlekom (Nijmegen)
  • Alexander Voronov (Minnesota)

Invited speakers

A. Belavin (ITEP), S. Lyakhovich (Tomsk), Yu. Neretin (Moscow/Vienna), K. Mackenzie (Sheffield), E. Shemyakova (SUNY New Paltz), Th. Voronov (Manchester), A. Yoshioka (Tokyo)

Both lists are not final and additional speakers may be included. The most recent list is always available at the webpage


The 2014 Workshop will take place in the heart of the Białowieża primeval forest - a site of great natural beauty. We plan a number of special events during the XXXIII Workshop, including:
  • excursion to the Strictly Protected Area of Białowieża forest,
  • campfire,
  • banquet.
Last night in Białowieża is Kupala Night - with regional folk dances and music concluding in midnight search for "fern flower".

Please consult these links for more information about Białowieża forest and Kupala Night as well as some photos:
Photos from previous conferences and Białowieża
Wikipedia page about Białowieża Forest
Ivan Kupala Day, photos from Kupala Night 2008

Arrival date will be Saturday, June 28. The scientific activity will run from Sunday, June 29 till Saturday, July 5. There will be a conference bus from Warsaw (about 4 p.m.) to Białowieża on June 28 and back from Białowieża to Warsaw on July 6.


The conference fee is 150 EUR and the cost of living expenses is 350 EUR. It covers full board and lodging (double room) within walking distance from the lecture hall, transportation from Warsaw to Białowieża and back. The accomodation in single room costs additional 100 EUR. However due to the limited hotel service in Białowieża it may not be possible in all cases. There is the cost of 300 EUR for each accompanying person.

The fees should be paid in cash and we can accept equivalent in USD or PLN. Unfortunately we cannot accept credit cards, personal checks, bank drafts or travelers checks. In some cases we offer the participants reduction of the conference fee (e.g. for graduate students).


The Organizing Committee intends to organize a school for young researchers and graduate students in the week following the Workshop. The School on Physics and Geometry will start on July 7 and last till July 12. The total cost of the School is 300 EUR (includes transportation, board, and accomodation).

During the School we plan to organize several 3h courses by leading experts in mathematical physics. The subjects of lectures and additional information will be announced at later time.


S.T. Ali (Montreal), A. Antonevich (Minsk/Białystok), A. Bolsinov (Loughborough), D. Beltiţă (Bucharest), V. Buchstaber (Moscow/Manchester), A. Bytsenko (Londrina), L. Chekhov (Moscow), V. Dragovic (Belgrade), L. Faddeev (St. Petersburg), G.A. Goldin (Rutgers), N. Hounkonnou (Cotonou), A. Karabegov (Abilene, TX), H. Khudaverdian (Manchester), J. Kijowski (Warszawa), Yu. Kordyukov (Ufa), P. Kulish (St. Petersburg), G. Landi (Trieste), K. Mackenzie (Sheffield), B. Mielnik (Mexico City), I. Mladenov (Sofia), V. Molchanov (Tambov), M. Mulase (Davis, CA), S. Natanzon (Moscow), Yu. Neretin (Moscow), A. Odesskii (Brock), A. Orlov (Moscow), V. Ovsienko (Lyon), J. Rembieliński (Łódź), A.G. Sergeev (Moscow), S. Shadrin (Amsterdam), A. Shafarevich (Moscow), S. Stepin (Moscow/Białystok), D. Sternheimer (Tokyo/Dijon), P. Sułkowski (Warszawa), G. Tuynman (Lille), A. Vasiliev (Bergen), A. Veselov (Loughborough), S.L. Woronowicz (Białystok), A. Yoshioka (Tokyo), M. Zelikin (Moscow)


A. Odzijewicz (Białystok) - chairman, T. Goliński (Białystok) - secretary, P. Bieliavsky (Louvain), A. Dobrogowska (Białystok), P. Kielanowski (Mexico City), M. Schlichenmaier (Luxembourg), A. Sliżewska (Białystok), Th. Voronov (Manchester)

Interested participants are requested to complete the registration form on-line before May 31, 2014, but early registration is very welcome.

The Organizers
Institute of Mathematics
University of Białystok
Akademicka 2
15-267 Białystok, Poland

tel/fax: (+ 48 85) 745 72 32

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