XXXVI Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 2-8.07.2017
VI School on Geometry and Physics 26-30.06.2017



  1. Fedor Bogomolov Fedor  Bogomolov (New York) - Symmetric tensors and the geometry of subvarieties of P^N
  2. Ludwik Dabrowski Ludwik Dabrowski (Trieste) - Fundamental fermions as inner noncommutative forms
  3. Yakov Eliashberg - Classical and quantum integrable systems arising from Symplectic Field Theory
  4. Miroslav Engliš Miroslav Engliš (Prague & Opava) - Quantization with Twareque Ali
  5. Dmitry Gurevich Dmitry Gurevich (Valenciennes) - Cayley-Hamilton Identity in quantum algebras
  6. Toshiyuki Kobayashi Toshiyuki Kobayashi (Tokyo) - Conformally covariant symmetry breaking operators on differential forms and some applications
  7. Yvette Kosmann-Schwarzbach Yvette Kosmann-Schwarzbach (Paris) - Beyond recursion operators
  8. Gabriel Larotonda Larotonda (Buenos Aires) - The geometric significance of Toeplitz kernels in the restricted Grassmannian
  9. Eugene Lytvynov Eugene Lytvynov (Swansea) - Gauge-invariant quasi-free states on the algebra of the anyon commutation relations
  10. Andrey Mironov Andrey Mironov (Novosibirsk) - Integrable magnetic geodesic flows on 2-torus: new example via quasi-linear system of PDEs
  11. Gerard Misiolek Gerard  Misiolek (Notre Dame) - Information Geometry on diffeomorphism groups
  12. Nicolai Reshetikhin Nicolai Reshetikhin (Berkeley) - Limit shape phenomenon in statistical mechanics
  13. Nikolai Tyurin Nikolai Tyurin (Dubna) - Special Bohr - Sommerfeld geometry: from Geometric Quantization to Mirror Symmetry
  14. Alexander Zheglov Alexander Zheglov (Moscow) - Quantum integrable systems and torsion free sheaves on algebraic varieties


  1. Jeremy Attard Jeremy Attard (Marseille) - The dressing field method of gauge symmetry reduction : presentation and examples
  2. Mirela Babalic Mirela Babalic (Pohang) - A differential model for B-type Landau-Ginzburg theories
  3. Fabio Bagarello Fabio Bagarello (Palermo)
  4. Bogdan Balcerzak Bogdan Balcerzak (Łódź) - On Dirac type operators determined by skew-symmetric 2-tensors on anchored vector bundles
  5. Krzysztof Bardadyn (Białystok)
  6. Alexander Belavin Alexander Belavin (Chernogolovka) - A new approach to computation the Special geometry of Moduli spaces for a Calabi-Yau manifold
  7. Daniel Beltita Daniel Beltita (Bucharest) - Quasidiagonality of C*-algebras of generalized ax+b groups
  8. Roberto Beneduci (Calabria) - Universal Markov Kernels for Quantum Observables
  9. Stefan A A Berceanu Stefan A A Berceanu (Bucharest- Magurele) - Coherent states associated to the Jacobi group and Berezin quantization of the Siegel-Jacobi ball
  10. Marco Bertola (Montreal) - Symplectic geometry of the moduli space of projective structures
  11. Tirthankar Bhattacharyya (Bangalore)
  12. Sofiane Bouarroudj Sofiane Bouarroudj (Abu Dhabi)
  13. Emmanuel Bourret Emmanuel Bourret (Montréal)
  14. Tomasz Brzeziński Tomasz Brzeziński (Swansea / Białystok) - Topology and K-theory of noncommutative weighted projective spaces
  15. Goce Chadzitaskos goce chadzitaskos (Prague) - The harmonic oscillator in a sector of plane and the angular momentum theory
  16. Edmund Y.-M. Chiang (Hong Kong) - Complex oscillation theory and semi-finite gap problem of Whittaker-Hill equation
  17. Pierre-Henry Collin Pierre-Henry Collin (Metz) - Explicit description of K-theory of Penrose hyperbolic tilings
  18. Tomasz Czyżycki Tomasz Czyżycki (Białystok) - Eight kinds of orthogonal polynomials of Weyl group C2 and tau method
  19. Jan Derezinski Jan Derezinski (Warszawa) - Almost homogeneous Schroedinger operators
  20. Alina Dobrogowska (Białystok)
  21. Marián Fecko Fecko Marián (Bratislava) - Surfaces which behave like vortex lines
  22. Jean-Pierre Gazeau Jean-Pierre Gazeau (Paris) - 2D Covariant Affine Integral Quantization(s)
  23. Gerald Goldin Gerald Goldin (New Brunswick, NJ) Diffeomorphism group representations in relativistic quantum field theory
  24. Tomasz Goliński Golinski (Białystok)
  25. Zofia Grabowiecka Zofia Grabowiecka (Montréal)
  26. Tom Honey Tom Honey (Manchester)
  27. Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou
  28. Jiří Hrivnák Jiří Hrivnák (Prague) Discrete Cosine and Sine transforms on Honeycomb lattice
  29. Grzegorz Jakimowicz (Białystok)
  30. Fardin Kheirandish Fardin Kheirandish (Sanandaj) - Electromagnetic field quantization in the presence of external fields and its applications
  31. Piotr Kielanowski Piotr Kielanowski (Mexico City)
  32. Jerzy Kijowski (Warszawa) - Higher order curvature tensors, higher order Bianchi identities
  33. Andrey Krutov Andrey Krutov (Warszawa) - On integrability of new fifth order N=1 supersymmetric evolution equation
  34. Bartosz Kwaśniewski Bartosz Kwaśniewski (Białystok) - Aperiodicity, topological freeness and pure outerness: from group actions to Fell bundles
  35. Calin Lazaroiu Calin Lazaroiu (Pohang) - Real Lipschitz structures
  36. Guowu Meng Guowu  Meng (Kowloon) - Jordan Algebra and Kepler Problem
  37. Bogdan Mielnik Bogdan Mielnik (Mexico City) - The Unreasonable Efficiency of Mathematics (E.Wigner), real or imaginary danger?
  38. Vladimir Molchanov Vladimir Molchanov (Tambov) - Radon transform on a hyperboloid related to isotropic lines
  39. Amir Mohammad Mostaed amir mohammad  mostaed (Tehran)
  40. Ali Mostafazadeh Ali Mostafazadeh (Istanbul) - Transfer Matrix Formulation of Scattering Theory, Invisibility, and Reciprocity in Two and Three Dimensions
  41. Yuri Neretin - Reproducing kernels on the space of univalent functions
  42. Petr Novotný Petr Novotný (Prague) - Contractions and Invariants of Lie algebras
  43. Anatol Odzijewicz (Białystok)
  44. Aleksandr Orlov Aleksandr Orlov (Moscow)
  45. Urszula Ostaszewska Urszula Ostaszewska (Białystok)
  46. Victor Palamodov Victor Palamodov (Tel Aviv) - Non regular symplectic reduction and quantization of singular spaces
  47. Sergei Parkhomenko Sergei Parkhomenko (Chernogolovka)
  48. Fernand Pelletier Fernand PELLETIER (Chambéry) Conic sub-Hilbert-Finsler structure on a Banach manifold
  49. Michael Pevzner Michael Pevzner (Reims) - Conformal symmetry breaking operators on AdS spaces
  50. Jakub Rembieliński Jakub  Rembieliński (Łódź)
  51. Mikołaj Rotkewicz Mikołaj Rotkewicz (Warsaw) - Higher algebroids via differential relations
  52. Sutanu Roy Sutanu Roy (Bhubaneswar) - Braided quantum group structure on quantum plane
  53. Nasrin Sadegh Zadeh Nasrin Sadegh Zadeh (Qom) - On Spherically Symmetric Finsler metrics
  54. Shahriar Salimi Shahriar Salimi (Sanandaj) - Entropic uncertainty relation with quantum memory
  55. Franklin Schroeck Schroeck (Denver) - Classical Statistical and Quantum Mechanics on Phase Space
  56. Armen Sergeev Armen Sergeev (Moscow) - Non-smooth strings and noncommutative geometry
  57. Andrei Shafarevich Andrei Shafarevich (Moscow) - Differential equations on polytopes: Laplacians and Lagrangian manifolds, corresponding to semi-classical motion
  58. Kalyan B. Sinha (Bangalore) - Spectral Analysis of Semibounded Operators by truncation
  59. Andrzej Sitarz Andrzej Sitarz (Kraków) - Decompactifying the fuzzy sphere
  60. Aneta Sliżewska (Białystok)
  61. Daniel Sternheimer - The reasonable effectiveness of mathematical deformation theory in physics
  62. Marzena Szajewska Marzena Szajewska (Białystok)
  63. Jaromir Tosiek Jaromir Tosiek (Lodz) - States over the *-algebra of formal series
  64. Alice Barbara Tumpach Alice Barbara Tumpach (Lille)
  65. Elizaveta Vishnyakova Elizaveta Vishnyakova (Belo-Horizonte) - Geometrization of graded manifolds of type Δ
  66. Elmar Wagner Elmar Wagner (Morelia) - Dirac operator on a noncommutative Toeplitz torus
  67. Stanisław Lech Woronowicz Stanisław Lech Woronowicz (Warszawa)
  68. Akira Yoshioka Akira  Yoshioka (Tokyo) - Star product and star exponential (tentative)
  69. Slimane Zaim slimane zaim (Batna) - Negative heat capacity for a Klein-Gordon oscillator in non-commutative complex phase space

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