XXXVII Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 1-7.07.2018
VII School on Geometry and Physics 25-29.06.2018



  1. Miguel Abreu Miguel Abreu (Lisbon) - Applications of symplectic/contact invariants to conservative dynamics
  2. Mikhail Babich Mikhail Babich (St.Petersburg) - On canonical parametrization of phase spaces of Isomonodromic Deformation Equations
  3. Alexander Belavin Alexander Belavin (Chernogolovka) - Special geometry on the 101 dimesional Moduli space of the Quintic threefold
  4. Michael Bialy Michael Bialy (Tel Aviv) - Around Birkhoff's conjecture for convex and other billiards
  5. Giuseppe Dito Giuseppe Dito (Dijon) - Wheels in deformation quantization
  6. Misha Feigin Misha Feigin (Glasgow) - Dunkl angular momenta algebra
  7. Yasuyuki Kawahigashi Yasuyuki Kawahigashi (Tokyo) - Conformal field theory, operator algebras and vertex operator algebras
  8. Ulrich Kraehmer Ulrich Kraehmer (Dresden) - How homogeneous is a quantum homogeneous space
  9. Yoshiaki Maeda YOSHIAKI MAEDA (Midori-ku Yokohama-shi) - Fundamental groups of the group of diffeomorphisms
  10. Georgy Sharygin Georgy Sharygin (Moscow) - The commuting elements in deformation of Poisson manifolds
  11. Wojciech Szymanski Wojciech Szymanski (Odense) - Quantum lens and weighted projective spaces


  1. Bartłomiej Bąk Bartłomiej Bąk (Warszawa)
  2. Krzysztof Bardadyn (Białystok)
  3. Daniel Beltita Daniel Beltita (Bucharest) - On the inverse problem in representation theory of nilpotent Lie groups
  4. Petr Blaschke Petr Blaschke (Opava) - Pedal coordinate, dark Kepler and other force problems
  5. Tomasz Brzeziński Tomasz Brzeziński (Białystok/Swansea)
  6. Goce Chadzitaskos Goce Chadzitaskos (Prague) - The Shmushkevich method for collisions of particles for higher symmetry groups
  7. Eduardo Chiumiento Eduardo Chiumiento (La Plata) - Essentially commuting projections
  8. Tomasz Czyżycki Tomasz Czyżycki (Białystok)
  9. Alina Dobrogowska (Białystok)
  10. Ziemowit Domański Ziemowit Domański (Poznań) - Deformation quantization with minimal length
  11. David Fernandez David Fernandez (Mexico City) - A simple generation of Painlevé V transcendents
  12. Jean Pierre Gazeau Jean Pierre Gazeau (Paris) - Quantum Localisation on the Circle
  13. Anthony Giaquinto Anthony Giaquinto (Chicago)
  14. Gerald Goldin Gerald Goldin (New Brunswick, NJ)
  15. Tomasz Goliński Golinski (Białystok) - Queer Poisson brackets on Banach manifolds
  16. Leszek Hadasz Leszek Hadasz (Kraków) - Quantum curves and conformel field theory
  17. Yuji Hirota Yuji Hirota (Sagamihara) - On formal deformation quantization for super Calabi-Yau twistor spaces
  18. Jeong Hee Hong Jeong Hee Hong (Busan) - Maximal Abelian Subalgebras of Graph C*-algebras
  19. Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou (Cotonou) Hamiltonian dynamics of the Kepler problem in a deformed phase space
  20. Jiří Hrivnák Jiří Hrivnák (Prague) - Generating functions of two-variable Chebyshev polynomials
  21. Grzegorz Jakimowicz (Białystok)
  22. Tomoyo Kanazawa Tomoyo Kanazawa (Tokyo) - A Direct Proof for an Eigenvalue Problem by Counting Lagrangian Submanifolds
  23. Giorgi Khimshiashvili Giorgi Khimshiashvili (Tbilisi)
  24. Piotr Kielanowski Piotr Kielanowski (Mexico City)
  25. Jerzy Kijowski Jerzy Kijowski (Warsaw) - Energy carried by gravitational waves
  26. Zhanna Kuznetsova Zhanna Kuznetsova (Santo Andre) - Observational consequences of light-like deformations of the Poincaré algebra from (extended) jordanian twist
  27. Bartosz Kwasniewski Bartosz Kwasniewski (Bialystok) - Cuntz-Krieger uniqueness theorem for Cuntz-Pimsner algebras
  28. Radosław Kycia Radosław Kycia (Brno) - Topological analysis of nuclear pasta phases
  29. Gabriel Larotonda Gabriel Larotonda (Buenos Aires) - Short geodesics for Ad invariant metrics in locally exponential Lie groups
  30. Bogdan Mielnik (Mexico City)
  31. Andrey Mironov Andrey Mironov (Novosibirsk) - Commuting difference operators
  32. Patrick Moylan patrick moylan (Abington, PA) - Heisenberg-Weyl Algebras and Representations of Poincare Groups
  33. Yury Neretin Yury Neretin (Vienna) - Operational calculus for Fourier transform for the group $GL(2,\mathbb{R})$
  34. Petr Novotný Petr Novotný (Prague) - Generalized derivations of Jordan algebras
  35. Gulgassyl Nugmaova Gulgassyl Nugmaova (Astana) - About the interable two-layer sin system with self-consistent potential
  36. Anatol Odzijewicz (Białystok)
  37. Aleksandr Orlov Aleksandr Orlov (Moscow)
  38. Pinaki Patra Pinaki Patra (Kolkata) - Co-adjoint orbit for Some New Nonlinear Equations
  39. Anatolij Prykarpatski Anatolij Prykarpatski (Krakow) - On the geometric structure of the WDVV associativity equations and their solutions
  40. Jakub Rembieliński Jakub Rembieliński (Łódź) - Photon and Preferred Frame Scenario
  41. Armen Sergeev Armen Sergeev (Moscow)
  42. Bakyt Shalabayeva Bakyt Shalabayeva (Astana) - Simulation of the dynamics of a single drop of a viscous liquid
  43. Andrzej Sitarz Andrzej Sitarz (Kraków) - The hidden features of the Standard Model from NCG
  44. Aneta Sliżewska (Białystok)
  45. Stephen Sontz Stephen Sontz (Guanajuato) - Co-Topelitz Operators and the Corresponding Quantization
  46. Piotr Stachura piotr stachura (Warszawa) - Kappa-Poincare Group on a C^*-level
  47. Daniel Sternheimer Daniel Sternheimer (Tokyo)
  48. Marzena Szajewska Marzena Szajewska (Białystok)
  49. Francesco Toppan Francesco Toppan (Rio de Janeiro) - Quasi-nonassociativity from an exceptional spectrum-generating superalgebra
  50. Gijs Tuynman Gijs Tuynman (Villeneuve d'Ascq) - Regular representations of super Lie groups
  51. Ilya Vyugin Ilya Vyugin (Moscow) - On the Riemann-Hilbert Problem for Difference and q-Difference Equations
  52. Karolina Wojciechowicz (Białystok) - Deformation of algebroid bracket of differential forms and Poisson manifold
  53. Naoko Yoshimi Naoko Yoshimi (Tokyo) - 2+1-Moulton Configuration
  54. Henryk Żołądek Henryk Żołądek (Warsaw) - Perturbations of the Hess–Appelrot and the Lagrange cases in the rigid body dynamics
  55. Tomasz Łukasz Żynda Tomasz Łukasz Żynda (Warsaw) - Weighted generalization of the Szeg\"o kernel and its dependence on the weight of integration

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