XXXII Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 30.06-6.07.2013



  1. Leonid ChekhovChekhov (Moscow) - Solving Quantum Liouville theory using topological recursion
  2. Giulio ChiribellaGiulio Chiribella (Beijing) - Optimal quantum teleportation in the lack of shared reference frames
  3. Manuel Gadella Manuel Gadella (Valladolid) - Quantum resonances: theory and models
  4. William Kirwin William Kirwin (Cologne) - Complex-time flows in geometric quantization
  5. Yuri Kordyukov Yuri Kordyukov (Ufa) - Semiclassical spectral asymptotics for magnetic Schroedinger operators
  6. Giovanni Landi Giovanni Landi (Trieste) - The Weil algebra of a general Hopf algebra
  7. Vladimir Molchanov (Tambov) - Complex hulls of the hyperboloid of one sheet, analytic continuation of spherical functions, and Plancherel formula
  8. Sergey Natanzon Natanzon (Moscow) - A Hurwitz theory avatar of open-closed strings
  9. Radu Purice Purice(Bucharest) - Magnetic coherent states
  10. Vladimir Roubtsov vladimir roubtsov (Angers)
  11. Armen Sergeev Armen Sergeev (Moscow) - Magnetic Bloch theory and noncommutative geometry
  12. Sergey Shadrin Sergey Shadrin (Amsterdam) - Matrix models topological recursion and Givental theory
  13. Daniel Sternheimer Daniel Sternheimer (Paris) - Altneuland in mathematical particle physics: back to the drawing board??
  14. Piotr SułkowskiSulkowski (Caltech/Warsaw) - On knots, super-A-polynomial, and BPS states
  15. Mikhail Zelikin Mikhail Zelikin (Moscow) - Stochastic dynamics of the Lie algebra of Poisson brackets in the vicinity of discontinuity points of Hamiltonian systems


  1. Syed Twareque Ali Syed Twareque Ali (Montreal)
  2. Mateusz Aniserowicz Mateusz Aniserowicz (Białystok)
  3. Anatolij Antonevich Anatolij  Antonevich (Białystok) - Right-sided hyperbolic operators
  4. Constantin Arcus Constantin ARCUS (Danciulesti) - Mechanical Systems in the Generalized Lie Algebroids Framework
  5. Marat Aukhadiev Marat Aukhadiev (Kazan) - Classical compact quantum semigroups as deformations of abelian groups
  6. Elena Mirela Babalic Elena Mirela Babalic (Bucharest) - Geometric algebra, Fierz identities and supergravity
  7. Alexander Belavin Alexander Belavin (Chernogolovka) - Froebenius algebras, KdV hierarchies and Minimal Liouville gravity
  8. Stefan Berceanu Stefan Berceanu (Bucharest) - Quantum mechanics and geometry on Siegel-Jacobi disk
  9. Pierre Bieliavsky Pierre Bieliavsky (Louvain la Neuve)
  10. Danail Brezov Danail Brezov (Sofia) - Euler Decomposition in a Non-Orthogonal Basis
  11. Andrew Bruce Andrew Bruce (Warszawa)
  12. Małgorzata Burzyńska Małgorzata Burzyńska (Grajewo) - Differential groupoids
  13. Andrey Bytsenko Andrey Bytsenko (Londrina)
  14. Hector Castejon-Diaz Hector Castejon-Diaz (Luxembourg)
  15. Goce Chadzitaskos Goce Chadzitaskos (Prague) C-orbit function and image filtering
  16. Smail Chemikh smail chemikh (Alger) - Almoste contact manifolds
  17. Ioana-Alexandra Coman Ioana-Alexandra Coman (Bucharest) - Geometric algebra study of N=2 M-theory compactifications to AdS3
  18. Tomasz Czyżycki Tomasz Czyżycki (Białystok)
  19. Satish Kumar Dixit Satish Kumar Dixit (Bhilai) - Studies on deformation theory of algebraic structures
  20. Alina Dobrogowska (Białystok)
  21. Valeriy Dvoeglazov Valeriy Dvoeglazov (Zacatecas)
  22. Chiara Esposito Chiara Esposito (Barcelona)
  23. Gerald Goldin Gerald Goldin (Piscataway) - Nonlineear conformal-invariant electrodynamics in (4+2)-dimensional spacetime
  24. Tomasz Goliński Golinski (Białystok)
  25. Zofia Grabowiecka Zofia Grabowiecka (Białystok)
  26. Lenka Hakova Lenka Hakova (Decin) - Interpolation of multidimensional digital data using Weyl group orbit functions
  27. Jérémy Haut Jérémy Haut (Grez-Doiceau)
  28. Irena Hinterleitner Irena Hinterleitner (Brno) - On special holomorphically projective mappings
  29. Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou (Cotonou) - N points star product: construction and integral representation
  30. Jiri Hrivnak Jiri Hrivnak (Prague) - Fourier transforms of E-functions of O(5) and G(2)
  31. Alban Jago Alban Jago (Tervuren)
  32. Grzegorz Jakimowicz (Białystok)
  33. Robert Jankowski Robert Jankowski (Białystok) - On the stability Nash equilibrium in the model of replicator dynamics with asymmetric delays
  34. Michał Jóźwikowski Michał Jóźwikowski (Warszawa) - On geometry of higher-order Euler-Lagrange equations
  35. Igor Kanatchikov Igor Kanatchikov (Moscow/Sopot) - Quantum gravity and quantum cosmology from precanonical approach to quantization
  36. Dalibor Karásek Dalibor Karásek (Prague)
  37. Hovhannes Khudaverdian Hovhannes Khudaverdian (Manchester) - Operator pencils on densities
  38. Piotr Kielanowski (Bialystok)
  39. Stéphane Korvers Stéphane Korvers (Louvain-la-Neuve) - The Deformation Quantizations of the Hermitian Symmetric Space SU(1,n)/U(n)
  40. Karol Kozlowski Karol Kozlowski (Dijon) - Aspects of the quantum separation of variables for the Toda chain
  41. Sergey Ktitorov Sergey Ktitorov (St. Petersburg) - Electronic stastes in curved graphene
  42. Kirill Mackenzie Kirill Mackenzie (Sheffield)
  43. Justyna Makowska Justyna Makowska (Białystok)
  44. Félix Maldonado Villamizar Félix  Maldonado Villamizar (México)
  45. Dmitry Malinin Dmitry Malinin (Al Ain) - Elliptic curves and Abelian varieties: some links to group representations, geometry and number theory
  46. Valery Maximov (Moscow)
  47. Bogdan Mielnik (Mexico)
  48. Josef Mikes Josef Mikes (Olomouc) - On geodesic and holomorphically projective mappings
  49. Ivailo Mladenov Ivailo Mladenov (Sofia) - Planar Motion of Charged Particles in a Magnetic Dipole Field
  50. Radhakrishnan Nair Radhakrishnan Nair (Trivandrum) - Geometry of stochastic matrices and the underlying symmetries
  51. Yuri Neretin (Moscow/Vienna)
  52. Petr Novotny Petr Novotny (Prague)
  53. Alexandre Odesski Alexandre Odesski (St. Catharines, Ontario) - Compatible systems of PDEs and integrability
  54. Anatol Odzijewicz (Białystok)
  55. Urszula Ostaszewska Urszula Ostaszewska (Białystok) - Spectral exponent of moment-generating functions of weighted composition operators
  56. Chiara Pagani Chiara Pagani (Louvain-la-neuve)
  57. Sergei Parkhomenko Sergei Parkhomenko (Chernogolovka) - Line bundle twisted chiral de Rham complex and bound states of D-branes on toric manifolds
  58. Barbara Pietruczuk Barbara Pietruczuk (Białystok) - Asymptotic integration of third-order differential equations
  59. Jakub Rembieliński Jakub Rembieliński (Łódź)
  60. Mikołaj Rotkiewicz Mikołaj Rotkiewicz (Warsaw) - Higher algebroids and reductions of higher tangent bundles
  61. Serguei Samborski Serguei Samborski (Saint Jouin) - The equation H(x,y,grad y)=f
  62. Alexander Schmeding Alexander Schmeding (Paderborn) - Diffeomorphism groups of non-compact orbifolds
  63. Martin Schlichenmaier Martin  Schlichenmaier (Luxembourg)
  64. Ekaterina Shemyakova Ekaterina  Shemyakova (New Paltz) - Factorization of Darboux Transformations of Arbitrary Order for Two-dimensional Schroedinger operator
  65. Aneta Sliżewska (Białystok)
  66. Dana Smetanová Dana Smetanová (Ceske Budejovice) - On Regularization Procedure for Lagrangians in Field Theories
  67. Stephen Sontz Stephen Sontz (Guanajuato) - Toeplitz quantization with non-commuting symbols
  68. Florian Spinnler Florian Spinnler (Louvain-La-Neuve)
  69. Stanislaw Stepin (Białystok) - Bound states and scattering for nonselfadjoint Schroedinger operator
  70. Jaromir Tosiek Jaromir Tosiek (Łódź) - States in the phase space formulation of quantum mechanics
  71. Gijs Tuynman Gijs Tuynman (Lille)
  72. Ivan Tsyfra Ivan Tsyfra (Białystok)
  73. Elizaveta Vishnyakova Elizaveta Vishnyakova (Luxembourg) - About classification of complex supermanifolds
  74. Theodore Voronov Theodore Voronov (Manchester) - Integration over compact supermanifolds
  75. Elwira Wawreniuk Elwira Wawreniuk (Białystok)
  76. Izabela Wawreniuk Izabela Wawreniuk (Białystok)
  77. Wojciech Wojtyński Wojciech Wojtyński (Warszawa) - Towards Lie theory of diffeomorphism groups
  78. Stanisław Lech Woronowicz (Białystok)
  79. Akira Yoshioka Akira Yoshioka (Tokyo) - Star products, star exponentials and applications
  80. Joanna Zonenberg Joanna Zonenberg (Białystok)

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