XXXII Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 30.06-6.07.2013

Daniel Sternheimer

Altneuland in mathematical particle physics: back to the drawing board??

We describe work in progress and outline a ``scheme for conjectural
frameworks" based on Flato's deformation philosophy, on joint works with
or by Flato and coworkers (especially Fronsdal) since the 60's, and on
discussions with many mathematicians and physicists in the past years.
Namely we return to the old problem of connection between external
(Poincaré group) and internal (unitary) symmetries of elementary
particles but with a (Drinfeld) twist, suggesting that the internal
symmetries might emerge from deforming to Anti de Sitter SO(2,3) and
quantizing that (possibly in a new generalized manner) at root of unity.
That raises challenging problems, both on the mathematical part and for
particle physics. See the longer pdf abstract
and for an earlier text,

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