XXXII Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 30.06-6.07.2013


Scientific programme

Plenary lectures:

  • Leonid Chekhov (Moscow) - Solving Quantum Liouville theory using topological recursion
  • Giulio Chiribella (Beijing) - Optimal quantum teleportation in the lack of shared reference frames
  • Manuel Gadella (Valladolid) - Quantum resonances: theory and models
  • William Kirwin (Cologne) - Complex-time flows in geometric quantization
  • Yuri Kordyukov (Ufa) - Semiclassical spectral asymptotics for magnetic Schroedinger operators
  • Giovanni Landi (Trieste) - The Weil algebra of a general Hopf algebra
  • Vladimir Molchanov (Tambov) - Complex hulls of the hyperboloid of one sheet, analytic continuation of spherical functions, and Plancherel formula
  • Sergey Natanzon (Moscow) - A Hurwitz theory avatar of open-closed strings
  • Radu Purice (Bucharest) - Magnetic coherent states
  • Vladimir Roubtsov (Angers)
  • Armen Sergeev (Moscow) - Magnetic Bloch theory and noncommutative geometry
  • Sergey Shadrin (Amsterdam) - Matrix models topological recursion and Givental theory
  • Daniel Sternheimer (Tokyo/Dijon) - Altneuland in mathematical particle physics: back to the drawing board??
  • Piotr Sułkowski (Caltech/Warsaw) - On knots, super-A-polynomial, and BPS states
  • Mikhail Zelikin (Moscow) - Stochastic dynamics of the Lie algebra of Poisson brackets in the vicinity of discontinuity points of Hamiltonian systems


The proceedings of the Workshop were usually published as a separate volume. The proceedings will also be published this year if the financial situation is good enough. Details will be announced during the conference.

School for Young Researchers

The Organizing Committee intends to organize a school for young researchers and graduate students in the week following the Workshop. The School on Physics and Geometry will start on July 8 and last till July 13. The total cost of the School is 300 EUR (includes transportation, board, and accomodation).

During the School we plan to organize several 3h courses presented by leading experts in mathematical physics. At the moment we have confirmed the following lecturers
  • Alexey Bolsinov (Loughborough) - Holonomy groups and special geometries
  • Alexander Gayfullin (Moscow) - Coxeter groups, permutahedra, and realisation of cycles
  • Hovhannes Khudaverdian (Manchester) - Operator pencils, densities and equivariant geometry
  • Kirill Mackenzie (Sheffield) - Approaches to the integrability of Lie algebroids
  • Yuri Neretin (Moscow/Vienna) - Geometry of double coset spaces and infinite-dimensional groups
  • Alexei Penskoi (Moscow) - Spectral Geometry and Mathematical Physics
  • Alexander Veselov (Loughborough) - Universal formulae in Lie group theory
  • Theodore Voronov (Manchester) - On integration over compact supermanifolds
Please refer to the list of participants for more details.

There will be a bus from Warsaw to Białowieża on July 7 and back on July 14.


From Warsaw to Białowieża and back by the conference bus

The free conference bus will be available for the participants to get from Warsaw to the Workshop site in Białowieża. The conference bus will be waiting on Saturday, June 29, at the Physics Department, Warsaw University, Hoza 69 (about 500 meters from the Warsaw Central Railway Station). It will depart for Białowieża around 16:00 (4 P.M.). We shall also arrange a free bus trip back from Białowieża to Warsaw on Sunday, July 7. The bus will depart not later than 7:00 (A.M.). It will arrive in Warsaw about 11:00. The exact time of the departure of this bus will be fixed during the Workshop.

From Warsaw Airport to Physics Department

The best way to get to the Physics Department from the airport is to take a direct train to Central Railway Station (Warszawa Centralna) or Railway Station "Srodmiescie". The trip takes around 20 minutes. You can also take a regular city bus (line 175) at the exit of the air terminal. One should get off at the bus stop in front of the Mariott Hotel, opposite to the Central Railway Station. Tickets cost about 4.40 zł (about 1 EUR) and can be bought at the newspapers stands or vending machines at the terminal. From there it is short walk to the Department. Members of the local organizing committee will be at hand there. Please consult the map in section travel guide.

It is also possible to take a taxi from the Airport to the Physics Department. This is more expensive (approximately 30 zł~10 EUR), however it is safer, quicker and more comfortable. In that case please take a taxi from the taxi stand and do not hire the taxi in the arrival hall, directly from the driver, because they charge more and you should negotiate the price before the journey.

From Warsaw to Białowieża by means of public transport

There is a direct bus from Warsaw to Białowieża departing from bus station Warszawa Zachodnia at 14:20. Return bus departs from Białowieża at 5:00. The ticket price is around 45 zl / 10 euro.

There are also alternate ways to reach Białowieża from Warsaw: one through Siedlce or Czeremcha and other one through Białystok. They both meet in Hajnówka, a small town at the border of National Preserve Forest, about 15 km west from Białowieża (you can reach Białowieża by bus or contact the organizing committee for help).

For details and train/buses schedules as well as maps please check travel guide.

From Moscow to Białowieża by means of public transport

There is a very good train connection from Moscow to Grodno and then to Białystok. It may be cheaper and faster than connection through Warsaw. Please read the previous point for information about reaching Białowieża from Białystok by bus.

There is also a possibility to go to Brest, Belarus and take a bus from there to Kamianiuki. There is a border crossing point nearby which allows foot crossing. It is only several kilometers from Białowieża and someone from organizing committee can pick you up from there by car.

Hotel in Warsaw

The organizers can book a hotel room in Warsaw, either before or after the Workshop. We usually book rooms in Warsaw University Hotel "Hera". Moreover there are many convenient hotels you can boook on your own by internet, see e.g. Dom Chłopa.

Registration fee

The conference fee is 150 EUR. The cost of living expenses is 350 EUR. It covers full board and lodging (double room) within walking distance of the lecture hall, and transportation from Warsaw to Białowieża and back. The accomodation in a single room costs additional 100 EUR. However due to the limited hotel service in Białowieża it may not be possible in all cases. There is the cost of 300 EUR for each accompanying person.

Fees should be paid in cash and we can accept equivalent in USD or PLN. Unfortunately we cannot accept credit cards, personal checks, bank drafts or travelers checks. In some cases we offer the participants a reduction of the conference fee (e.g. for graduate students).

The participants are kindly asked to notify us about any dietary restrictions.

Technical equipment

There will be a transparency projector as well as computer projector available for your talks. You can use your own laptop or the one supplied by the organizers. We are able to process pdf, ps, and powerpoint-compatible presentations.

Also there will be a wireless internet available to participants in the lecture room and in some hotels.

Social events

During the Workshop we will organize several special events. On Monday evening we plan to have a campfire with roasted meat and traditional music. On Thursday there will be a banquet, and the Friday morning is planned to be free from lectures. We intend to organize a guided excursion to the Białowieża preserve during that morning.


The Workshop has been supported by the Belgian Scientific Policy under the IAP network DYGEST P7/18. As every year, the conference has been supported by University of Białystok.

Address of the organizing committee

Institute of Mathematics
University of Białystok
ul. Akademicka 2
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tel/fax (+48) (85) 745 72 32

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