XXXV Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 26.06-2.07.2016

From Warsaw to Białowieża and back by the conference bus

The free conference bus from Warsaw to the Workshop site in Białowieża will be available to the participants. The bus will leave from Warsaw on Saturday, June 25 at 16:00. We shall also arrange a free bus trip back from Białowieża to Warsaw on Sunday, July 3. The bus will depart not later than 7:00 (A.M.). It will go directly to the airport and it should arrive about 12:00.

The bus from Warsaw to Białowieża will be waiting in front of the Palace of Culture and Science (Parade Square / Plac Defilad) on the parking at Marszałkowska str. (see the map) - look for the conference posters on the bus. It will arrive around 12:00. Members of the local organizing committee will be at hand near the bus.

The best way to get there from the airport is to take a direct train to Central Railway Station (Warszawa Centralna) or Railway Station "Śródmieście". The trip takes around 20 minutes. You can also take a regular city bus (line 175) at the exit of the air terminal. One should get off at the bus stop in front of the Mariott Hotel, opposite to the Central Railway Station. Tickets cost about 4.40 zł (about 1 EUR) and can be bought at the newspapers stands or vending machines at the terminal.

It is also possible to take a taxi from the Airport to the Palace of Culture and Science. This way is more expensive, however it may be quicker and more comfortable. In the case, it is strongly advised to negotiate the price with the driver before hiring. Approximate cost is 30 zł.

Please note that there will be also a bus from Warsaw to Białowieża on July 3 and back on July 10 for the participants of the School. Details will be announced later.

From Warsaw to Białowieża by means of public transport

There are direct buses from Warsaw to Białowieża departing from bus station Warszawa Wschodnia (East) at 9:30 and 14:50. Return buses depart from Białowieża at 5:01 and 18:03. The ticket price is around 40 zl / 10 euro and can be bought on-line:

There are also alternate ways to reach Białowieża from Warsaw: one through Białystok and the other through Siedlce or Czeremcha. They both meet in Hajnówka, a small town at the border of National Preserve Forest, about 15 km west from Białowieża.

  • The route through Białystok is a combination of bus Warsaw - Białystok and bus Białystok - Białowieża, with a possible change of bus at Hajnówka. There are buses to Białystok departing from Warsaw Airport.
  • The route through Siedlce or Czeremcha is combination of a train Warsaw - Hajnówka (with one or two changes at Siedlce or Czeremcha) and a bus Hajnówka - Białowieza.
For details, please check train/bus timetables linked below or contact the organizing committee.

It is also possible to hire a taxi from Hajnówka to Białowieża, with an estimated cost of 80 zl (30 EUR or 40 $) or less.

From Moscow to Białowieża by means of public transport

There is very good train connection from Moscow to Grodno and then to Białystok. It may be cheaper and faster than connection through Warsaw. Please read previous point for information about reaching Białowieża from Białystok by bus.

Another posibility is to take a train to Brest, take a bus to Kamyanyuki and cross the border near Białowieża by foot at the checkpoint Białowieża-Piererov. Please note that it is pedestrian only crossing point. Please let know the Organizing Committee if you intend to use this route so we can organize a transport from border to the center of Białowieża (around 5km).

Hotel in Warsaw

The organizers can book a hotel room in Warsaw, either before or after the Workshop. We usually book rooms in Warsaw University Hotel "Hera". Moreover there are many convenient hotels you can book on-line, see e.g. Gromada Hotel "Dom Chłopa".

Map of Białowieża

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