XXV Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 2-8.07.2006



  1. Dmitry Anosov (Moscow) - Hyperbolicity in the Dynamical Systems Theory
  2. Arno Bohm (Austin) -Time Asymmetric Quantum Theory
  3. Jacek Brodzki (Southampton) - Poincare duality on noncommutative manifolds
  4. Michel Cahen (Brussels) - Symmetric spaces and their quantisation
  5. Leonid Chekhov (Moscow) - Quantum Teichmuller and Thurston theories
  6. Hovhannes Khudaverdian (Manchester) - Berezinians and functionals on fractions
  7. Marc Lachieze-Rey (Gif sur Yvette) - Frames and observers in (cosmological) spacetime
  8. Kirill Mackenzie (Sheffield) - Double Lie Algebroids in Poisson Geometry
  9. Oleg Mokhov (Moscow) - Theory of Poisson brackets of hydrodynamic type and flat pencils of metrics
  10. Stefan Rauch-Wojciechowski (Linkoping) - Equations of motion of rolling and sliding axially symmetric rigid bodies and the motion of the Tippe Top
  11. Irina Shchepochkina (Moscow) - Veblen’s problem (1928) “classify invariant differential operators” and Lie superalgebras
  12. Kalyan Sinha (New Delhi) - Quantum Mechanical Structures and Non-commutative Geometry
  13. Alexander Veselov (Loughborough) - Geometry of integrable systems with magnetic field
  14. Stefan Waldmann (Freiburg) - Locally Noncommutative Space-Times
  15. Stanislaw Lech Woronowicz (Warsaw) - Heisenberg double and Drinfeld double


  1. S. Twareque Ali (Montreal)
  2. Antolij Antonevich (Bialystok)
  3. Fabio Bagarello (Palermo) - A survey on physical applications of unbounded operators algebras
  4. Hellmut Baumgärtel (Potsdam) - New results on resonances and their Gamov vectors
  5. Igor Bayak (Grodno) - Quantum geometry of gravity
  6. Stefan Berceanu (Bucharest-Magurele) - Coherent states associated to the Jacobi group - a variation on a theme by Erich Kaehler
  7. Agata Bezubik (Bialystok)
  8. Peter Bongaarts (Rotterdam)
  9. Goce Chadzitaskos (Prague) - Coherent States over Zn x Dn
  10. Chryssomalis Chryssomalakos (Mexico DF) - Canonical star product for Lie-type noncommutative spacetimes
  11. Tomasz Czyzycki (Bialystok)
  12. Alina Dobrogowska (Bialystok)
  13. Andrei Domrin (Moscow) - Noncommutative unitons
  14. Branko Dragovich (Belgrade) - Adelic Quantum Models
  15. Askar Dzhumadil'daev (Almaty) - N-commutators and identities
  16. Gerard Emch (Gainesville, FL) - The semantics of modeling
  17. Fatih Erman (Istanbul) - Relativistic Resonances and Decaying States. A Relativistic Extension of Time Asymmetric Quantum Theory
  18. Manuel Gadella (Valladolid) - Friedrichs models and Gamow states in unstable nuclei
  19. Pedro Garcia de Leon (Paris) - Coherent state quantization and phase operator
  20. Ashot Gevorkyan (Yerevan) - Regular And Chaotic Quantum Scattering on Lagrange Surfaces of Few Body Systems
  21. Gerald Goldin (Piscataway, NJ) - Some Variations on Maxwell's Equations
  22. Tomasz Golinski (Bialystok)
  23. Barbara Golubowska (Warsaw)
  24. Fernando Gomez-Cubillo (Valladolid) - Irreversibility, internal time operator and scattering theory
  25. Nathan Harshman (Washington, DC) - Scattering, Entanglement, and Irreversibility
  26. Maciej Horowski (Bialystok)
  27. Norbert Hounkonnou (Cotonou) - Lie group symmetry reduction of a strongly coupled Boussinesq system: classification of the invariance subalgebras and exact solutions
  28. Jiří Hrivnák (Prague)
  29. Valérie Hudon (Montreal)- Segal Quantization on the Hyperboloid
  30. Klara Janglajew (Bialystok)
  31. Grzegorz Jakimowicz (Bialystok)
  32. Justyna Jakubowska (Bialystok)
  33. Josef Janyška (Brno) - 50 years of geometrical gauge invariant theories
  34. Fardin Kheirandish (Isfahan)
  35. Piotr Kielanowski (Bialystok)
  36. Jerzy Kijowski (Warszawa) - Geometry of Quantum Mechanics
  37. Petra Kocabova (Praha) - Propagator construction on multiply connected manifolds
  38. Aleksandr Komlov (Moscow) - A Grassmannian non-commutative U(1) sigma model and Bargmann-Fock space
  39. V. Kostak (Praha)
  40. Vasyl Kovalchuk (Warsaw)
  41. Jerzy Kowalczynski (Warsaw)
  42. Martin Kruskal (Piscataway NJ) - Surreal Numbers
  43. Bartosz Kwasniewski (Bialystok)
  44. T. Langrova (Praha)
  45. Remi Leandre (Dijon) - Equivariant cohomology, Fock space and loop groups (with A. Rogers)
  46. Andrei Lebedev (Bialystok)
  47. Vladimir Manko (Moscow) - Semigroups in Quantum Mechanics and entanglemnt criterion
  48. Ian Marshall
  49. Agnieszka Martens (Warsaw)
  50. Maria Meiler (Munich)
  51. Ivailo Mladenov (Sofia)
  52. Alfonso Mondragon (Mexico City) - Non-Hermitian degeneracy of two unbound states
  53. Ondřej Navrátil (Prague)
  54. Petr Novotný (Prague) - Generalized derivations and invariant functions of Lie algebras
  55. Anatol Odzijewicz (Bialystok)
  56. Urszula Ostaszewska (Bialystok)
  57. Roman Palvelev (Moscow) - Scattering of vortices in (2+1)-dimensional Abelian Higgs model
  58. Severin Posta (Prague)
  59. Anatoliy Prykarpatsky (Krakow) - Adiabatic connections and related integrability of perturbed Hamiltonian systems
  60. Julien Queva (Paris ) - Fuzzy de Sitter space-times via coherent state quantization
  61. David Radnell (Ann Arbor, MI)
  62. Jakub Rembieliński (Lodz) - Is the relativity principle broken in the quantum mechanics?
  63. Seyed Majid Saberi Fathi (Paris) - A formula for the spectral projections of time operator
  64. Martin Schlichenmaier (Luxembourg) - Berezin-Toeplitz quantization of the moduli space of flat SU(N) connections
  65. Franklin Schroeck (Denver, Colorado) - The C* Axioms and the Phase Space Formulation of Quantum Mechanics
  66. Armen Sergeev (Moscow) - Harmonic spheres in loop spaces and Yang-Mills fields
  67. Andrei Shafarevich (Moscow) - Quantization of Riemann surfaces and spectral series of non-selfadjoint periodic Schroedinger operator
  68. Oleg Sheynman (Moscow) - Lie algebras of Higgs fields
  69. Jan Jerzy Slawianowski (Warsaw) - Generalized Born-Infeld and other essential nonlinearities
  70. Aneta Slizewska (Bialystok)
  71. Stanislav Stepin (Bialystok)
  72. George Svetlichny (Rio de Janeiro) - Quantum Information and the Problem of Time
  73. Marzena Szajewska (Bialystok)
  74. Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz (Paris) - Integral transform
  75. Adrian Tanasa (Mulhouse) - Some solutions of the quantum Yang-Baxter equation
  76. Jaromir Tosiek (Lodz) - Abelian connection in Fedosov deformation quantization
  77. Barbara Tumpach (Lausanne) - The restricted Grassmannian as a symplectic leaf in a Banach-Lie Poisson space
  78. Ivan Tsyfra (Bialystok)
  79. Haydar Uncu (Istanbul) - Unification of Resonances and Decaying States with Time Asymmetric Quantum Theory
  80. Sergey Vernov (Moscow) - Construction of exact solutions in cosmological models with phantom scalar fields
  81. Carlos Villegas-Blas (Cuernavaca, Morelos) - On a limiting distribution eigenvalue theorem for perturbations of the hydrogen atom
  82. Theodore Voronov (Manchester) - Differential forms and odd symplectic geometry
  83. Sujeev Wickramasekara (Grinnell, IA) - Differentiable Representations of Causal Poincare Semigroup: Applications to Resonance Scattering and Decay
  84. Maciej P. Wojtkowski (Warszawa) - Design of Hyperbolic Billiards
  85. Krzysztof Zajkowski (Bialystok)