XXXVII Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 1-7.07.2018
VII School on Geometry and Physics 25-29.06.2018


Scientific programme of the conference

Plenary lectures:

  • Miguel Abreu (Lisbon) - Applications of symplectic/contact invariants to conservative dynamics
  • Mikhail Babich (St.Petersburg) - On canonical parametrization of phase spaces of Isomonodromic Deformation Equations
  • Alexander Belavin (Chernogolovka) - Special geometry on the 101 dimesional Moduli space of the Quintic threefold
  • Michael Bialy (Tel Aviv) - Around Birkhoff's conjecture for convex and other billiards
  • Giuseppe Dito (Dijon) - Wheels in deformation quantization
  • Misha Feigin (Glasgow) - TBA
  • Yasuyuki Kawahigashi (Tokyo) - Conformal field theory, operator algebras and vertex operator algebras
  • Ulrich Kraehmer (Dresden) - TBA
  • Yoshiaki Maeda (Yokohama) - Fundamental groups of the group of diffeomorphisms
  • Vladimir Rubtsov (Angers) - Decorated character varieties and Painlevé monodromy data
  • Georgy Sharygin (Moscow) - The commuting elements in deformation of Poisson manifolds
  • Wojciech Szymański (Odense) - Quantum lens and weighted projective spaces
Please refer to the list of participants for more details.

Special Session

This year, a Special Session will be held in honour of Prof. Daniel Sternheimer's 80th birthday. Prof. Sternheimer, one of the originators of the method of deformation quantization, has been a frequent participant in the Białowieża workshop series.

Białowieża volume

Over the past several years, we published a Białowieża volume containing selected contributions of participants of the Workshop in the series Trends in Mathematics by Birkhäuser, see here for more information. Pending funding, the volume will also be published this year. Details will be announced during the conference.

School for Young Researchers (June 25-29)

This year the School takes place over the week preceding the Workshop. The School is addressed to the young researchers and graduate students. The School on Physics and Geometry will start on June 25 and end June 29 (arrival is planned for June 24, departure on June 30). The total cost of the School is 300 EUR (includes transportation, board, and accommodation).

During the School the following 3-hour courses will be presented by the following leading experts in domains of mathematics related to mathematical physics:
  • Alexander Helemskii (Moscow) - Proto-quantum spaces and related structures
  • Gabriel Larotonda (Buenos Aires) - Functional Analysis techniques in Optimization and Metrization problems
  • Adam Skalski (Warsaw) - Quantum Dirichlet forms and their recent applications
  • Armen Sergeev (Moscow) - Twistor Geometry and Gauge Fields
  • Nikolai Tyurin (Dubna) - Lagrangian approach in Geometric Quantization
As always please refer to the School section of the webpage for the most recent information.


From Warsaw to Białowieża and back by the conference bus

A free conference bus from Warsaw to the Workshop site in Białowieża will be available to the participants. The bus will depart from Warsaw on Saturday, June 30 at 16:00. It will be waiting in front of the Palace of Culture and Science (Parade Square / Plac Defilad) on the parking lot at Marszałkowska str. (about 500 meters from the Warsaw Central Railway Station) - look for the conference posters on the bus. It will arrive in Warsaw around 12:00. Members of the local organizing committee will be at hand near the bus. Please consult the map in the section travel guide on our webpage.

The best way to get there from the airport is to take a direct train to Central Railway Station (Warszawa Centralna) or Railway Station "Śródmieście". The trip takes around 20 minutes.

We shall also arrange a free bus trip back from Białowieża to Warsaw on Sunday, July 8. The bus will depart from Białowieża not later than 7:00 (A.M.) and it will arrive in Warsaw about 12:00. First it will go to the airport and then to the city centre.

There will be also a bus from Warsaw to Białowieża on June 24 and back on June 30 for the participants of the School. It will depart from Warsaw at 16:00 from the Parade Square. Details about the return bus will be announced later. Participants of the School are kindly asked to inform us about their arrival time in Warsaw.

From Warsaw to Białowieża by means of public transport

There is a direct bus from Warsaw to Białowieża departing from the bus station Warszawa Wschodnia (East) at 14:50 (and on some days at 9:30). A return bus departs from Białowieża at 5:05 (and on some days at 6:35 and 18:03). The ticket price is around 40 zl / 10 euro. The timetable can be checked on-line: and you can also buy a ticket there.

There are also alternate ways to reach Białowieża from Warsaw: one through Siedlce or Czeremcha and other through Białystok. For details and train/buses schedules as well as maps please check the travel guide.

From Moscow to Białowieża by means of public transport

There is a very good train connection from Moscow to Grodno and then to Białystok. It may be cheaper and faster than connection through Warsaw.

There is also a possibility to go to Brest, Belarus and take a bus from there to Kamyanyuki. There is a border crossing point nearby which allows foot crossing. It is only several kilometers from Białowieża and someone from the organizing committee can pick you up from there by car.

Hotels in Warsaw

The organizers can help you book a hotel room in Warsaw, either before or after the Workshop. However there are many convenient hotels you can book on-line, see e.g. Hotel Gromada Warszawa Centrum "Dom Chłopa".

Registration fee

The conference fee is 150 EUR. The cost of living expenses is 350 EUR. It covers full board and lodging (double room) within walking distance of the lecture hall, and transportation from Warsaw to Białowieża and back. Accommodation in a single room costs additional 100 EUR. There is a cost of 300 EUR for each accompanying person.

Fees should be paid in cash and we can accept the equivalent in USD or PLN. Unfortunately we cannot accept credit cards, personal checks, bank drafts or travelers checks. In some cases we offer participants a reduction of the conference fee (e.g. for graduate students).

The participants are kindly asked to notify us in advance about any dietary restrictions.

Technical equipment

There will be a computer projector available for your talks. You can use your own laptop or the one supplied by the organizers. We are able to process pdf, ps, and powerpoint-compatible presentations.

There will be a wireless internet connection available to participants in the lecture room and in some hotels.

Social events

During the Workshop we will organize several special events. On Monday evening we plan to have a campfire with grilled meat and traditional music. On Thursday there will be a banquet, and the Friday morning is planned to be free from lectures. We intend to organize a guided excursion to the Białowieża forest preserve during that morning.

Address of the organizing committee

Institute of Mathematics
University of Białystok
ul. Ciołkowskiego 1M
15-245 Białystok, Poland

Event sponsored by:
of Bialystok
University of Bialystok

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