Bialowieza, POLAND, July 3-July 9, 1998  

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The Workshop

As is the tradition, the focus of the Workshop this year will again be on geometrical methods in Physics. For the past few years, the emphasis in these meetings has been on quantization, coherent states and geometry. This year the theme will be:
Coherent States, Quantization and Gravity.

Topics will include:

  1. Quantum optics,
  2. Coherent states method and wavelets,
  3. Classical and quantum gravity,
  4. Hyperbolic geometry and integrable systems,
  5. The diffeomorphism group of the circle and its extentions,
  6. Symplectic and Poisson structures,
  7. Noncommutative geometry.
As in the past, the Workshop this year intends to bring together a limited number (about seventy in all) of physicists, mathematicians and research students, currently active in the areas listed above, and to provide opportunities for in-depth lectures, working sessions, poster presentations and informal discussions. Since the participants will all be housed in adjoining lodges, and lectures will be held in an intimate and informal atmosphere, we expect, as indeed in all previous years, that the meeting this summer will again be an intense and enjoyable learning experience for us all. Meals will be provided by the Workshop, with common in-residence mealtimes. Enough free time will be available for dialogue and mutual exchange of ideas. In addition, a number of social activities will be organized, which in the past have helped participants develop a sense of professional camaraderie.

The organizing committee has already contacted several prospective plenary speakers for the Workshop. Among them are A. Ashtekar(*), F. Bastin, M. Bordemann, C. DeWitt-Morette(*), M. Flato, H. Friedrich, A. Holevo(*), B. Iochum(*), J. Kijowski, J. R. Klauder, N. P. Landsman(*), J. Lewandowski, R. Moody(*), Yu. Neretin(*), V. Ovsienko, G. Patera, T. Paul, C. Rovelli(*), J. Senovilla, A. G. Sergeev(*), E. Shavgulidze, D. Sternheimer, B. Torresani, A. Trautman, G. Tuynman, H. Upmeier and several others, who have tentatively agreed to participate.


(*) by side of the name indicates tentative participation.


In addition to invited lectures, there will also be the possibility of shorter contributed talks and poster presentations. It is one of the purposes of the Workshop to provide a stimulating forum for discussions and exchange of ideas and for this reason, the total number of contributed lectures has to be limited. Participants whose papers cannot be accomodated as contributed talks, will have the opportunity to present posters. The decision of the Organizing Committee, in the choice and distribution of contributed talks and posters, will be final. If you are interested in presenting a short contributed talk (approximately 25 minutes) or a poster in one of the above topics, we would request you to send us a short abstract together with your confirmation of participation in the Workshop (on the attached sheet) by March 30, 1998. The Organizing Committee will have final authority on acceptance of all lectures and posters, and participants will be notified in good time.

As in previous years, we expect to publish a volume of the proceedings of the Workshop.

The Site

Bialowieza is a historic, picture-post-card little Polish town, situated near the border of Belarus (Byelorussia), about 200 km east of Warsaw. It lies at the edge of one of Europe's last surviving primeval forests straddling the Poland-Belarus border. The forest, designated a historical site by the UNESCO and preserved in its pristine state, is still the natural habitat of the European bison. It is possible to go on hikes and to watch the animals in their natural environment.

The workshop itself will be housed at the site of a former hunting lodge of the Russian Czars. There is a large and picturesque park surrounding the site with tempting opportunities for long walks and bicycle rides through unspoilt nature. Nearby, there are also fascinating museums of ethnography and paleontology.

Summer temperatures are usually around a pleasant 20 degrees Celsius. However, some rain should also be expected.

Details of transportation to the conference site will be announced later. We shall try to organize buses to transport participants directly from Warsaw to Bialowieza on July 2 and back to Warsaw from Bialowieza on July 10. It is expected that participants will stay for the entire period of the Workshop. Since the Workshop site is somewhat remote, transportation to and from Warsaw is not always convenient. Participants who must leave early or arrive late, are requested to inform the Organizing Committee of their intention by {\bf June 25}. To the extent possible, the Organizing Committee will try to help them with transportation to or from the Workshop site, but late changes of plans may be difficult to accomodate.


There will be a nominal registration fee of U.S.$300, which will cover all meals, lodging and other organized activities during the Workshop. This amount, payable in any convertible (i.e., `western') We regret that no personal cheques, bank drafts, travellers cheques or credit cards can be accepted.

(We may eventually be able to provide a limited number of participants with some financial support).

Please complete the attached registration sheet and mail it to reach

by March 30, 1998.

Organizing Committee

A. Odzijewicz (Bialystok) --- Chairman, A. Strasburger (Warszawa),
S. Twareque Ali (Montreal), J.-P. Antoine (Louvain-la-Neuve),
Th. Friedrich (Berlin), J.-P. Gazeau (Paris).

Advisory Committee

M. Cahen (Brussels), C. DeWitt-Morette (Austin), G. G. Emch (Gainesville),
M. Flato (Dijon), G. A. Goldin (Piscataway), J. Grabowski (Warszawa),
A. Holevo (Moscow), B. Iochum (Marseille), M. V. Karasev (Moscow),
J. Kijowski (Warszawa), J. R. Klauder (Gainesville), W. Piechocki (Warszawa),
M. Schlichenmaier (Mannheim), A. G. Sergeev (Moscow), J. Sniatycki (Calgary),
D. Sternheimer (Dijon), J. Tolar (Prague), B. Torresani (Marseille),
W. J. Zakrzewski (Durham), S. L. Woronowicz (Warszawa), K. Wodkiewicz (Warszawa).


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