XXXVI Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 2-8.07.2017
VI School on Geometry and Physics 26-30.06.2017

Franklin Schroeck

Classical Statistical and Quantum Mechanics on Phase Space

We will review and expand on what we said in this conference years ago - that many of the problems associated with quantum mechanics in the 1927-1950 period were pointed out by many first rate physicists and mathematicians, but that the problems have remained all this time. Now, with classical statistical mechanics and quantum mechanics on phase space firmly established by methods of Lie group theory, we first review the mathematics behind it and point out how this allows us to resolve all the problems with the usual quantum mechanics. Then we show that the resulting theory has real applications (that in many cases are simpler) in many areas in physics. Although the theory applies to all areas of physics, including Galilean, Poincare', and de Sitter physics and to quantum field theory as well, we confine this discussion to physics on the Heisenberg group as an illustration of the richness and novelty of the theory. We will show that it has many applications to the philosophy of science that are new but quite reasonable.
See also the talk by Prof. Roberto Beneduci on this subject.

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