XXXV Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 26.06-2.07.2016

Lenka Motlochova

Dual Root-Lattice Discretization of Weyl-Orbit Functions

This is a joint work with J. Hrivnák.

The discrete properties of Weyl-orbit functions are crucial in processing of multidimensional digital data and related Fourier methods. The Weyl-orbit functions sampled on finite fragments of the dual weight lattice are recently studied in several papers and the results are used in deriving numerical integration formulas, interpolation methods and others. Among the Weyl group invariant lattices, the second most prominent lattice is the dual root lattice. In this talk, the explicit formulas of the discrete orthogonality relations of the Weyl-orbit functions sampled on fragments of the scaled dual root lattice are presented. Examples of the corresponding discrete transforms are shown. Possible applications to other related methods and applications of this discretization are discussed.

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