XXIX Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 27.06-03.07.2010



Proceedings of XXIX WGMP

The proceedings of the XXIX Workshop will be published by the American Institute of Physics in the same format as in the last two years. The contributors are asked to take into account the following information
  • The papers will be refereed before the publication.
  • The deadline for the submission of the contributions is September 12, 2010.
  • The page limits are: 6 pages for the regular contributions, 12 pages for the plenary talks.
  • The submitted papers should be written in LaTeX in the AIP format  aipproc.cls, 6x9 inches which can be downloaded from the following link: ftp://ftp.aip.org/ems/tex/macros/proceedings/6x9/aipproc_6s.zip. Please also follow instructions on the page http://proceedings.aip.org/proceedings/6x9.jsp.
  • Try to use BibTeX for the preparation of the references, because it helps to prepare the whole volume in a uniform way.
  •  Use full first names for the authors of the paper and do not capitalize the title (except for the first word).
  •  Do not forget about the PACS (classification) and the keywords. You can download the sample files (LaTeX source, BibTeX source and the resulting pdf file) from http://wgmpproc.fis.cinvestav.mx/sample.zip.
  • Please submit all the files by email to the address wgmp@uwb.edu.pl.
  • Each author after submitting the paper will be able to download from the proceedings web page his/her contribution which contains the editorial modifications. If after submitting the paper you wish to introduce additional corrections please use the files which contain the editorial modifications.

The Editors
P. Kielanowski
V. Buchstaber
A. Odzijewicz
M. Schlichenmaier
Th. Voronov

List of all volumes

In the previous years we have published the volumes containing proceedings of the Workshop. Additionally there was a special volume to commemorate twentieth anniverary of Białowieża Workshop.

  • Twenty Years of Białowieża: A Mathematical Anthology. Aspects of Differential Geometric Methods in Physics. World Scientific Monograph Series in Mathematics - Vol. 8, 2005
  • XI WGMP 1992, Quantization and Coherent States Methods, World Scientific, Singapore-New Jersey-London-Hong Kong
  • XII WGMP 1993, Quantization and Infinite-dimensional Systems, Plenum Press New York
  • XIII WGMP 1994, Quantization, Coherent States, and Complex Structures, Plenum Press New York
  • XIV WGMP 1995, Quantization, Coherent States, and Poisson Structures, Polish Scientific Publishers PWN
  • XV WGMP 1996, Reports on Mathematical Physics 40(2) 1997 link
  • XVI WGMP 1997 (including special session in memory of Ryszard Raczka), Reports on Mathematical Physics 43(1/2) 1999 link
  • XVII WGMP 1998, Coherent States, Quantization and Gravity, Warsaw University Press
  • XXI and XXII WGMPs 2002-2003, Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics 11 2004 Supplement link
  • XXIV WGMP 2005, Journal of Geometry and Symmetry in Physics 5-6, 2006 link 1, link 2
  • XXV WGMP 2006, Journal of Geometry and Symmetry in Physics 9-12, 2007-2008 link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4
  • XXVI WGMP 2007, AIP Conference Proceedings 956 link
  • XXVII WGMP 2008, AIP Conference Proceedings 1079 link
  • XXVIII WGMP 2009, AIP Conference Proceedings 1191 link

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