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  1. Viacheslav Belavkin (Nottingham), Structure of the groups of homeomorphisms of the real line and circle
  2. Alexei V. Bolsinov (Moscow), SOL-manifolds: Quantum monodromy and Spectrum OR Geodesic flows: integrability, chaos and topological entropy
  3. Chryssomalis Chryssomalakos (Mexico City), Trees, Ladders, Rainbows, Renormalized Hopfully
  4. Lewis A. Coburn (Buffalo), Berezin-Toeplitz operators and Gabor-Daubechies windowed Fourier localization
  5. Boris Fedosov (Potsdam), An index theorem for symplectic orbifolds
  6. Anatoly T. Fomenko (Moscow), New results in the theory of Integrable Systems on Homogeneous Spaces (together with K.M.Zuev)
  7. Hovhannes Khudaverdian (Manchester), The Laplace operator in odd symplectic geometry
  8. Ugo Moschella (Como), De Sitter and Anti de Sitter QFT with application
  9. Yu.A. Neretin (Moscow), Analysis of Berezin kernels on symmetric spaces
  10. Tudor S. Ratiu (Lausanne)
  11. Andrei Shafarevich (Moscow), Semiclassical quantization of real and complex isotropic manifolds
  12. Stanislav Stepin (Moscow), Scattering and spectral singularities of Schroedinger operator
  13. Nikolai Vasilevski (Mexico City), Commutative C*-algebras of Toeplitz operators, Berezin quantization, and geometry
  14. Dmitri Vassiliev (Bath), Do we really live in a Riemannian world?
  15. Alexander A. Voronov (Minneapolis), String Topology
  16. Theodore Voronov (Manchester), Geometry of differential operators, odd Laplacians, and homotopy algebras
  17. Lech Woronowicz (Warsaw), Haar measures on some quantum groups


  1. S. Twareque Ali (Montreal) - Quaternionic and Clifford algebraic coherent states
  2. Yurij A. Aminov (Bia造stok) - News in the geometrical theory of Backlund transformation of pseudospherical submanifolds in Euclidean spaces
  3. Anatolij Antonevich (Bia造stok/Minsk)
  4. Fabio Bagarello (Palermo) - An algebraic approach to the time evolution of QM_\infty systems
  5. Igor Bayak (Grodno), The physical space in one mathematical model
  6. Lieva Andreevich Beklaryan (Moscow), Structure of groups of homeomorphisms on the real line and circle
  7. Agata Bezubik
  8. Michel Cahen (Bruxelles), Rigidity theorems in symplectic geometry and Poisson models
  9. Goce Chadzitaskos (Prague)
  10. Sara Cruz y Cruz (Mexico City)
  11. Tomasz Czy篡cki
  12. Agata D帳rowska
  13. Alexei Daletskii (Nottingham) - L2 Betti numbers of infinite configuration spaces
  14. Alina Dobrogowska (Bia造stok)
  15. Gerard Duchamp (Rouen) - Non commutative series and operator theory
  16. Gerald A. Goldin (New Brunswick), Generalizations of Classical Yang-Mills Theory Using Nonlinear Constitutive Equations
  17. Tomasz Goli雟ki (Bia造stok)
  18. Barbara Go逝bowska (Warszawa) - Dynamics of infinitesimal affinely-rigid body. Models with high symmetries
  19. Valentin Gorokhovik (Minsk), On differentiability of multivalued mappings
  20. Pascal Grange (Geneva) - Non-Commutativity in Open-String Actions beyond the large-B limit
  21. Maciej Horowski (Bia造stok)
  22. Norbert Hounkonnou (Cotonou) - Supercoherent states for a model of Jaynes and Cummings in the strong coupling limit
  23. Grzegorz Jakimowicz (Bia造stok)
  24. Piotr Kielanowski (Bia造stok/Mexico City)
  25. Vasyl Kovalchuk (Warszawa) - Problems of affine invariance in dynamics of collective and internal degrees of freedom
  26. Jerzy Kowalczynski (Warszawa)
  27. Andrei V. Lebedev (Bia造stok/Minsk) - Legendre analysis and thermodynamical formalism
  28. Ondra Lev (Prague)
  29. Agnieszka Martens (Warszawa) - Classical, prequantized and quantized affinely-rigid body
  30. Oliver Maspfuhl (Lausanne)
  31. Katarzyna Miakisz (Bia造stok)
  32. Bogdan Mielnik (Mexico City)
  33. Armen Nersessian (Yerevan), Noncommutative and Supersymmetric mechanics on spheres and complex projective spaces
  34. Clement Odeh (Lagos)
  35. Anatol Odzijewicz (Bia造stok)
  36. Phillial Oh (Suwon), Sympectic Structure and Gauge Symmetry Enhancement
  37. Alexandre Yu. Orlov (Moscow), Random Matrices and Tau Functions
  38. Urszula Ostaszewska (Bia造stok)
  39. Cheonsoo Park (Suwon)
  40. Karol A. Penson (Paris), Extending Dobinski relations: from boson normal ordering to Feynman diagrams
  41. Claudio Pita-Ruiz (Guanajuato)
  42. Stanislav Popovych (Kiev) - C*-algebras associated with F_2n dynamical systems
  43. Anatoliy Prykarpatsky (Lviv, Krakow), Holonomy Groups Approach to Quantum Copmputer Algorithms
  44. Ole Rask (Valdivia), On the Affine Metaplectic Representation
  45. Ewa E. Rozko (Warszawa) - Affine injections as a model of internal and collective degrees of freedom
  46. Yurii Samoilenko (Kiev), About spectrum of sum of Hermitian operators, Dynkin diagrams and applications
  47. Martin Schlichenmaier (Mannheim), Higher genus affine Lie algebras of Krichver-Novikov type
  48. Armen Sergeev (Moscow), Adiabatic limit for the Abelian Higgs model and Seiberg-Witten equations
  49. I.A. Shishmarev (Moscow)
  50. Mikhail Shubin (Boston), Negligible sets in spectral theory of Schroedinger operators
  51. Aneta 奸i瞠wska (Bia造stok)
  52. Jan Jerzy S豉wianowski (Warsaw) - Affine symmetry in mechanics and field theory
  53. O.G. Smolyanov (Moscow)
  54. Stephen Bruce Sontz (Guanajuato), A survey of results and open problems in Segal-Bargman analysis
  55. Agnieszka Tereszkiewicz (Bia造stok)
  56. Ivan Tsyfra (Bia造stok/Kiev)
  57. Carlos Villegas-Blas (Cuernavaca), The Bargmann transform for the 3-sphere and regularization of the Kepler problem
  58. Petr Vytras (Prague)
  59. Rene Yamapi (Cotonou)
  60. Krzysztof Zajkowski (Bia造stok) - Spectral radius of functional operators
  61. Boris Zhilinskii (Dunkerque), Manifestation of monodromy and topological quantum numbers in the energy spectra of quantum finite particle systems
  62. Konstantin M. Zuev (Moscow), talk together with prof. Fomenko
  • Petr Vytras - Generalised boundary conditions for the Aharonov-Bohm effect combined with a homogenous magnetic field
  • Alexander Voronov - String Topology
  • Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou - Supercoherent states for a model of Jaynes and Cummings in the strong coupling limit