XXV Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 2-8.07.2006



The Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics has become one of the widely recognized, annual activities in the field of mathematical physics and applied mathematics. It has been organized every year since 1981 and has grown from a regional meeting to its present international form, attracting leading physicists and mathematicians from all over the world. This year there is a jubilee XXV meeting.

The program consists of longer invited lectures (55 minutes), often of a review nature, as well as specialized, contributed talks (40 or 25 minutes).


The 2006 Workshop will take place in its home venue, in the heart of the Bialowieza National Park - a site of great natural beauty. Arrival date will be Saturday, July 1. The scientific activity will run from Sunday, July 2 till Saturday, July 8 and will begin with the Kupala Night (1/2 July). A number of social events, including a campfire, an excursion to the Bialowieza forest and a banquet, are usually organized during the week.

There will be a special bus service from Warsaw to Bialowieza, on July 1 and back from Bialowieza to Warsaw on July 9, for participants of the conference.


The topics covered in these meetings span wide areas of mathematical physics and pure mathematics, inspired by physical problems. The conference offers good opportunities for exchange of ideas between physicists and mathematicians. Specific topics for the XXV Workshop will include among others

  • coherent state methods,
  • deformation quantization,
  • differential operators,
  • dynamical systems,
  • geometric methods in cosmology,
  • infinite dimensional Lie groups and Lie algebras,
  • integrable systems,
  • Lie groupoids and Lie algebroids,
  • noncommutative geometry,
  • Poisson and symplectic geometry,
  • quantum groups,
  • time asymmetric quantum theory and resonances.


  • D.V. Anosov (Moscow)
  • A. Bohm (Austin)
  • J. Brodzki (Southampton)
  • M. Cahen (Brussels)
  • L. Chekhov (Moscow)
  • M. Gekhtman (Notre Dame, IN)
  • A. Gorodentsev (Moscow)
  • S. Gutt (Brussels)
  • H. Khudaverdian (Manchester)
  • M. Lachieze-Rey (Gif sur Yvette)
  • K. Mackenzie (Sheffield)
  • O. Mokhov (Moscow)
  • D. Roytenberg (Utrecht)
  • I. Shchepochkina (Moscow)
  • K.B. Sinha (Delhi)
  • I. Taimanov (Novosibirsk)
  • A. Veselov (Loughborough)
  • S. Waldmann (Freiburg)
  • S.L. Woronowicz (Warsaw)

The list is tentative and some speakers have to confirm their participation. Also additional speakers will be included at a later time. The most recent list will be available at the conference page.


Total cost of Workshop is 400 EUR, which will cover conference fee, full board and lodging in shared (double) rooms within walking distance from the main lecture hall, transportation from Warsaw to Bialowieza and back. There is a possibility of getting single accommodation (at extra cost - not fixed at the moment) - the number of single rooms is limited, however.

There is also the possibility of accommodating an accompanying person. There will be an extra charge of 200 EUR.


A. Odzijewicz (Bialystok) - chairman, T. Golinski (Bialystok) - scientific secretary, S.T. Ali (Montreal), P. Kielanowski (Bialystok/Mexico City), M. Schlichenmaier (Luxemburg), M. Shubin (Boston), A. Dobrogowska (Bialystok)


A. Antonevich (Bialystok/Minsk), M. Cahen (Brussels), F. Calogero (Rome), G.G. Emch (Gainesville), Th. Friedrich (Berlin), J.P. Gazeau (Paris), G.A. Goldin (New Brunswick), N. Hounkonnou (Cotonou), J. Kijowski (Warsaw), P. Kramer (Tuebingen), A. Lebedev (Bialystok/Minsk), M. Lorente (Oviedo), J. Lukierski (Wroclaw), V. Mathai (Adelaide), B. Mielnik (Mexico City), I. Mladenov (Sofia), K.-H. Neeb (Darmstadt), Yu.A. Neretin (Moscow), T. Ratiu (Lausanne), J. Rembielinski (Lodz), A.G. Sergeev (Moscow), O. Sheinman (Moscow), S. Stepin (Moscow), J. Szmigielski (Saskatoon), J. Tolar (Prague), Th. Voronov (Manchester), S.L. Woronowicz (Warsaw), A. Yoshioka (Tokyo)

Interested participants are requested to complete the registration form on-line before May 31, 2006, but early registration is very welcome.

The Organizers
Institute of Mathematics
University of Bialystok
Lipowa 41
PL - 15 424 Bialystok, Poland

tel/fax: (+ 48 85) 745 72 32
e-mail: wgmp@uwb.edu.pl