XL Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics Białowieża, 2-8.07.2023 XII School on Geometry and Physics Białystok, 26-30.06.2023

Katarzyna Grabowska

Contact geometry with applications

Contact manifold is a manifold equipped with codimension one distribution which is maximally nonintegrable. The last condition implies that contact manifolds are always odd-dimensional. In the literature they are regarded as odd-dimensional generalizations of symplectic manifolds. During the mini-course we shall examine the traditional definition of a contact manifold and explore the alternative approach via homogeneous symplectic structures. Using the symplectic approach we shall discuss contact Hamiltonian dynamics as well as a version of contact Lagrangian mechanics, Hamilton Jacobi theory and contact reductions. We shall learn by closely examining several examples. Each lecture will be accompanied by a few homework problems for willing participants.
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