XXXIX Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 19.06–25.06.2022
XI School on Geometry and Physics 27.06–1.07.2022
In order to secure the right conditions for our Workshop we have decided to exceptionally move (only for this year's meeting) the site of our Workshop to the campus of our University in Białystok.

David Bermudez

Factorization method and new potentials from the inverted oscillator

One of the most important contributions of Prof. Bogdan Mielnik was contained in his seminal paper "Factorization method and new potentials with the oscillator spectrum". When we wrote this paper back in 2013, we intended to pay tribute to Prof. Mielnik legacy. In this work, we study the inverted (or repulsive) oscillator, we applied several of the known techniques of the factorization method to obtain new potentials. We end by commenting on the consequences of this work and more broadly on the legacy of Prof. Mielnik in Mexico.

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