XXXVI Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 2-8.07.2017
VI School on Geometry and Physics 26-30.06.2017

Tomasz Brzeziński

Topology and K-theory of noncommutative weighted projective spaces

In this talk we present results obtained jointly with Simon Fairfax and Wojciech Szymański. Extending earlier results of Hong and Szymański we interpret all quantum lens spaces as graph C*-algebras and thus design an efficient method for calculating K-groups of quantum lens spaces. Some special cases (not studied earlier) serve as an illustration. Using the freeness of the actions of the circle group on quantum lens spaces that define quantum weighted projective spaces we compute the K-groups of the latter.

Event sponsored by:
Centre de recherches mathématiques          University
of Bialystok
University of Bialystok

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