XXV Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 2-8.07.2006

Nathan Harshman

Scattering, Entanglement, and Irreversibility

Scattering experiments are a physical system that display a kind of irreversibility: it is physically impossible, or at least incredibly improbable, to send in highly-correlated spherical waves and have two uncorrelated beams emerge. Scattering irreversibility can be seen as emerging from the special boundary conditions of a scattering system. In particular, scattering experiments always assume that the initial particle states are unentangled. Scattering dynamically generates entanglement which can be detected (and hence destroyed) by the measurement process. This contribution seeks to extend show how entanglement and scattering irreversibility are related and how both can incorporated into the boundary conditions of scattering systems using topological and geometrical methods.