From Warsaw to Białowieża and back by the conference bus

The free conference bus will be available for the participants to go from Warsaw to the Workshop site in Białowieża. The bus will leave on Saturday, June 25, from the Physics Department, Warsaw University, Hoża 69. (about 300 meters from Warsaw Central Railway Station). The bus will depart for Białowieża at 16:00 (4 P.M.).
We shall also arrange a free bus trip back from Białowieża to Warsaw on Sunday, July 3. The bus will depart not later than 7:00 (A.M.). It will arrive to Warsaw about 11:00. The exact time of departure of this bus will be announced during the Workshop.

From Warsaw Airport to Physics Department

The best and cheapest way to get to the Physics Department from the airport is to take regular city bus (line 175) at the exit of the air terminal. Ticket costs about 3 zł (less than 1 EUR) and can be bought from the bus driver or at the newspapers stands at the terminal. One should get off at the bus stop in front of the Mariott Hotel, opposite to the Central Railway Station (Warszawa Centralna). From there it is short walk to the Department. Members of the local organizing committee will be at hand there.

It is also possible to take a taxi from the Airport to the Physics Department. This may be very expensive in Warsaw. In the case, it is strongly advised to negotiate the price with the driver before hiring. Approximate cost is 30 zł.

From Warsaw to Bialowieza by means of public transport

There are basically two different routes to reach Bialowieza from Warsaw: one through SIEDLCE and other one through BIALYSTOK. They both meet in HAJNOWKA, a small town at the border of National Preserve Forest, about 15 km west from Bialowieza. (See the map below.)

It is also possible to hire a taxi from Hajnowka to Bialowieza, with an estimated cost of 80 zl (20 US $) or less.

In case of a late arrival to Hajnowka, or otherwise in trouble there, please make a call to the conference site at the Dom Wycieczkowy (Hostel) PTTK in Bialowieza: telephone nr. (085) 681 2505 (for calls from Hajnowka no area code (085) is needed).

From Moscow to Bialowieza by means of public transport

There is very good train connection from Moscow to Grodno and then to Bialystok. It is cheaper and faster than connection through Warsaw. Please read previous point for information about reaching Bialowieza from Bialystok by bus.

Hotel in Warsaw

The organizers can book a hotel room in Warsaw, either before or after the Workshop. Please let us know about that as soon as possible. Prices range from 40 EUR to 100 EUR.


Please note that due to the local conditions the accommodation is usually shared. If there is another participant with whom you may wish to share a room, please let us know. Also let us know if you would like to have single room (at extra price). However note that only a small number of single rooms is available so we may not be able to fulfill all the requests.

The participants are kindly asked to notify us about any dietary restrictions.

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