1. Augustin Banyaga (Penn State)
  2. Jacques Bros (Gif-sur-Yvette) - Fields and Particles in de Sitter Spacetime
  3. Thomas Friedrich (Berlin) - Almost hermitian 6-manifolds and a generalization of Kirichenkos theorem
  4. Alexander Gorban (Zurich) - Constructive Methods of Invariant Manifolds in Kinetics
  5. Peter Kramer (Tuebingen) - The impact of quasicrystals (1984-2004) on theoretical physics
  6. John Madore (Paris) - The Dynamics of Fuzzy Spaces
  7. Nikolai Moshchevitin (Moscow) - Dynamical systems with many frequences and Diophantine Approximations
  8. Anatoly M. Stepin (Moscow) - Generic dynamical system possesses infinite dimensional torus of symmetries
  9. Toshikazu Sunada (Kawasaki) - Green functions on a crystal lattice
  10. Alexander Turbiner (Mexico City) - Solvability of integrable systems: from geometry to algebra
  11. Stanislaw Lech Woronowicz (Warsaw) - Quantum spaces with an action of quantum groups


  1. Ilka Agricola (Berlin) - Holonomy of metric connections with torsion and string theory
  2. Hassan ait haddou - Lichnerowicz cohomology
  3. S. Twareque Ali (Montreal)
  4. Anatolij Antonevich (Bia造stok/Minsk)
  5. Fabio Bagarello (Palermo)
  6. Sidi Mohamed Bahri - characterization of differential operators by means of wavelets
  7. Stefan Berceanu (Bucharest) - A holomorphic representation of the Jacobi algebra
  8. Niels Bernhardt (Berlin)
  9. Agata Bezubik (Bia造stok)
  10. Some Blaise (Ougadougou - Burkina-Faso) - Coupling Adomian and Spectral methods for solving numerical solution of an optimal Control problem in Cancer Reseach
  11. Goce Chadzitaskos (Prague)
  12. Omar Cherbal (Algiers) - Exact solutions of Bloch equations in nuclear magnetic resonance connection
  13. Tomasz Czy篡cki (Bia造stok)
  14. Alina Dobrogowska (Bia造stok)
  15. Khomh Foutse (Yaounde - Cameroon)
  16. Gerald Goldin - On Local Causality and Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics: Geometric Characterization of the Fundamental Unsolved Problem
  17. Tomasz Goli雟ki (Bia造stok)
  18. Mouhamadou Hassirou (Porto Novo - Benin) - Hodge star applied to electromagnetic
  19. Maciej Horowski (Bia造stok)
  20. Norbert Hounkonnou (Cotonou)
  21. Jiri Hrivnak (Prague)
  22. Klara Janglajew (Bia造stok)
  23. Wlodzimierz Jelonek (Krakow) - Neutral Gray surfaces
  24. Fardin Kheirandish (Isfahan) - Fractional supersymmetry and conformal field theory
  25. Evgeny Lakshtanov (Chernogolovka) - The influence of the energy function’s geometrical properties on the appearance of bound states in two (quasi)particles problem on an example of quantum liquid
  26. Andrei Lebedev (Bia造stok/Minsk)
  27. Ond鷫j Lev (Prague)
  28. Sebastien Loubanzadio (Brazzaville - Congo) - Numerical study of perturbation effects in tropospherical radio-wave propagation, by a Fresnel-zone expansion method
  29. Petr Luft (Prague)
  30. Ian Marshall (Lausanne)
  31. Katarzyna Miakisz (Bia造stok)
  32. Ivailo Mladenov (Sofia) - Quasiclassical Aspects of the Relativistic Coulomb Problem
  33. Petr Novotn (Prague)
  34. Anatol Odzijewicz (Bia造stok)
  35. Alexander Orlov (Moscow) - Random matrices and soliton theory. Schur function expansion
  36. Urszula Ostaszewska (Bia造stok)
  37. Stanislav Popovych (Kyiv) - Algebras generated by orthoprojections and spectral Horn's problem
  38. Severin Posta (Prague)
  39. Christof Puhle (Berlin)
  40. Wies豉w Pusz (Warszawa)
  41. Anatoliy Prykarpatsky (Krakow) - Delstarte transform operators: the topological structure and applications
  42. Rasoul Roknizadeh (Isfahan) - On Nonlinear Coherent States
  43. Yuri Savchuk (Kiev) - On C*-algebras defined uniquely by dual space
  44. Aneta Sli瞠wska (Bia造stok)
  45. Jan S豉wianowski (Warsaw)
  46. Mikhail Shubin (Boston) - Can you see the main frequency of a drum?
  47. Jan Smotlacha (Praha)
  48. Stanislav Stepin (Moscow) - Trace formula and the spectrum of resonances in potential scattering theory
  49. Agnieszka Tereszkiewicz (Bia造stok)
  50. Jiri Tolar (Prague) - Graded contractions of sl(3,C)
  51. Ivan Tsyfra (Bia造stok/Kiev)
  52. Yuri Vorobiev (Hermosillo) - On the Linearization of Hamiltonian Systems On Poisson Manifolds
  53. Akira Yoshioka (Tokyo)