XXXVII Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics 1-7.07.2018
VII School on Geometry and Physics 25-29.06.2018

Priyasri Kar

New Way of Algebraization of the Heun class of equations: Additional Heun Polynomials

A new bi-parametric realization of $su(1,1)$ generators is used for the algebraization of the Heun class of differential equations. This results in additional Heun polynomials for the General, the Confluent and the Bi-confluent Heun equations. For the innumerable physics problems involving Heun class of equations, these Heun polynomials lead to exact (closed-form) solutions. Some exact solutions for the radial and the polar parts of the massless Dirac equation in the $C$-metric are built for the purpose of demonstration.

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